Dalet on multimedia workflows

At Dalet's Diamonds are Forever party last evening, I got a chance to talk with some reps about two projects the company is excited about.

First, I spoke with Benjamin Desbois, general manager for Dalet, about the workflow created for TMZ, which focuses on producing Web and TV content quickly, efficiently and simultaneously. Broadcast Engineering had an article about the TMZ setup in our February issue.

Next, I spoke with Miguel Miranda of DMS Technologies, Julien Decaix of Dalet and Janice Dolan of Zazil Media Group about the media convergence going on at Grupo Multimedios. The media group chose the Dalet NewsPro for Omneon as part of it's plan to go tapeless as well as create a newsroom that integrates it's newspapers, TV and radio.

The message is that integration of media needs to be from the start. This ties in with the tone at the sessions I attended yesterday. Trying to adapt stories after the fact for other formats or media takes more time and resources than if it was planned out from the start.