ENENSYS releases the world's first portable DVB-T2 Analyzer / RF Measurement Receiver

ENENSYS DVB-T2 solutions have already been adopted by numerous players. Now the company’s strengthen its portfolio by introducing the most innovative DVB T2 analyzer on the market.

ReFeree T2 is a DVB-T2 measurement receiver combining Single-PLP and Multi-PLP DVB-T2 live reception with real-time DVB-T2 analysis and recording. ENENSYS’ ReFeree T2 allows monitoring of DVB-T2 parameters (RF, T2 frame structure, PLP parameters), whatever the DVB-T2 transmission mode (Single PLP, Multi PLP, SFN/MISO ...).

ReFeree T2 comes bundled with ENENSYS DiviSuite application software, capable of monitoring simultaneously and in real-time DVB-T2 RF signal and baseband content.

At RF level, the built in DVB-T2 demodulator gives access to key DVB-T2 transmission parameters such as SNR, MER, Impulse Response, LDPC iterations, Constellation. At baseband level, ReFeree T2 provides both ASI & IP T2-MI inputs. The device can de-encapsulate and analyze T2-MI packets, BB Frames and Transport Stream content.

“We are very proud to release this portable DVB-T2 RF Measurement Receiver”, says Mr Gaël MARTIN, Segment Manager at ENENSYs Test System. “The ReFeree T2 is a truly comprehensive, yet easy to use, DVB-T2 analyzer. It’s the perfect tool to test, analyze, validate or simply understand the DVB-T2 protocol”.

ENENSYS ReFeree T2 is the perfect companion tool for any engineer involved in DVB-T2. Thanks to its compact size, the ReFeree T2 can be used in R&D labs, or in the field, at trials or deployment stages.

With the addition of this new product to its DVB-T2 portfolio which already includes T2-MI DVB-T2 analyzer, DVB-T2 Gateway and DVB-T2 Modulator, ENENSYS clearly reinforce its leadership in DVB-T2 area. More details about the product can be found on www.enensystest.com

About ENENSYS Technologies SA

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