Auralex Makes Its Debut at the 2011 NAB Show with Full Line of Acoustical Products

Company will Showcase a Range of Products including its Studiofoam®, Studiofoam®Pro and ProPanel™ Lines

LAS VEGAS, APRIL 7, 2011 – Auralex® Acoustics, Inc., the industry leader in innovative sound control solutions, is making its debut into the broadcast market at the 2011 NAB Show (Booth SL8810) with a full line of acoustical products catered to a range of broadcast spaces such as production facilities, control rooms and voiceover booths. Auralex will showcase its best-selling lines of Strong>Studiofoam®, Studiofoam®Pro and ProPanel™ product lines, which were previously marketed to the pro audio and music industry markets.

“We are thrilled to be exhibiting at the 2011 NAB Show,” says Eric Smith, founder and president of Auralex Acoustics. “We have seen an influx of interest from the broadcast market for our acoustical products and thought that this year was the ideal time to showcase our commitment to this market by exhibiting at the show. Our products are beneficial to any space that needs acoustical fine tuning. Broadcast facilities can now benefit from years of acoustical expertise that was once reserved for music recording studios.”

Auralex’s expertise is not only found in the innovative products it offers, but also in the free, off-site acoustical analysis services that help end-users solve acoustical anomalies in each space. Auralex’s team of experts has a wide-range of experience in helping end-users treat their unique spaces such as control rooms, broadcast facilities, vocal booths, home theaters, houses of worship and gymnasiums.

To utilize this service, download the FREE Personalized Room Analysis Form that best suits your space (i.e. standard, large room and home theater), fill out the form on the Auralex website ( and follow the instructions to send the completed version to Auralex’s Application Specialists. Within 5-7 days, Auralex will help you understand what products you need and where you should place them, with a CAD diagram to help. The application specialists will walk along side you through treating your space via phone and email support beyond the FREE Personalized Room Analysis. This free off-site acoustical analysis service will help broadcast facilities refine their acoustics.

The two most popular absorbtive materials in the Auralex line are high quality acoustical foam (Studiofoam) and acoustical fiberglass covered with specialized fabric (ELiTE ProPanels). Acoustical foam and fabric-wrapped acoustical fiberglass panels are well-suited to alleviate excessive reverberation and other common acoustical problems in rooms not specifically designed for music recording and performance. Properly placed and chosen acoustical foam and fabric-wrapped panels can turn even the worst room into a suitable acoustic environment.

Auralex’s line of Studiofoam includes various cuts and thicknesses and 10 Auralex colors (charcoal gray, blue, plum, purple, kelly green, forest green, red, orange, burgundy and brown) to fit any décor; and to offer a solution for small, mid and large size spaces. Besides Studiofoam wall panels, Auralex offers LENRD® bass traps to put in the corners of the room to address lower frequencies. Not only do they sell boxes of LENRD bass traps and Studiofoam wall panels, they offer Roominator™ kits with a combination of both and sometimes diffusion to treat an entire room at a lower cost. Auralex’s wide range of Studiofoam panels and bass traps offer solutions for all types of broadcast facilities.

As Auralex has become more involved in treating commercial spaces, it has developed a Class A fire-rated acoustical foam called StudiofoamPro as a low cost option for acoustical treatment in commercial spaces. StudiofoamPro is available in two sizes: 2' x 2' and 2' x 4', both 1.5" thick. It is available in charcoal gray, features beveled edges and provides a Noise Coefficient Rating (NRC) of 0.90, which is comparable to a 1” fiberglass panel. StudiofoamPro presents a low-cost option for sound absorption in a range of broadcast applications and any other space that requires a Class A fire-rated acoustical treatment.

ELiTE ProPanels are fabric-covered, absorptive panels designed to provide an aesthetic, yet cost-effective alternative to full-blown custom installations. ELiTE ProPanels are designed to absorb excessive reverberations and diminish other acoustical anomalies, providing a more pleasing and accurate listening environment. ELiTE ProPanels have industry-leading, resin hardened edges and cover the spectrum in terms of finishes, styles and colors (ELiTE B22, B24, C24, C44 and CT45 ProPanels). ELiTE ProPanels feature maximum flame retardancy and meet the Class A fire-rating per ASTM test E84.

About Auralex Acoustics, Inc.

Located in Indianapolis, Auralex Acoustics was founded in 1977 with a mission to provide top-performing acoustical treatment products at the best value. Since then, thousands of satisfied Auralex customers have experienced improved acoustics, expert advice and exceptional customer service. Auralex products enjoy widespread use among prominent artists, producers, engineers, corporations, celebrities and government agencies.

Auralex Acoustics has become the industry leader in innovative sound control solutions and continues to enjoy rapid growth through an international network of authorized dealers. Visit the Auralex Web site at Auralex can be reached via email at or by calling 1.800.959.3343.