Sonnet Fusion™ R400Q Provides Robust, Convenient Storage for AZ Los Angeles Sound Engineer

IRVINE, Calif. -- March 26, 2008 -- Sonnet Technologies' Fusion™ R400Q rackmount four-drive SATA storage system has been adopted by AZ Los Angeles, a post-production facility specializing in music composition, sound design, and sound mixing for radio and television commercials, to provide simple yet flexible high-capacity storage of its clients' media. The R400Q substantially increases the storage available to AZ Los Angeles sound engineers while providing high transfer speeds and easy backup.

"We work with many dozens of clients and deal with an enormous volume of content on a daily basis, so the capacity and convenience of the Sonnet system made it a very appealing solution for us," said Alonso Zevallos, co-founder of AZ Los Angeles. "We work on several projects within a single day, and the Sonnet system's flexible storage enables our engineers to focus on the creative, artistic elements of each project rather than worry about drive capacity, media access, data speeds, and media backups. The R400Q system has lived up to Sonnet's reputation for reliable storage, and we're enjoying the positive impact it has had on our workflow."

AZ Los Angeles began working with the R400Q, which is connected to a Sonnet Tempo™ SATA E4P PCI Express host controller card installed in a Power Mac® G5, in late January 2008. Within a month of installing the Sonnet system, the company had used it to complete commercial projects for numerous clients, brands, and products including Wells Fargo®, Nature Valley®, Dominos Pizza®, Miller Lite®, Nestle®, and the "Got Milk?"® campaign. Working with Pro Tools HD® and a variety of plug-ins, AZ Los Angeles' sound engineers record directly to the Fusion system, a feat made possible by the R400Q's performance. The R400Q storage system employs a high-performance SATA II port multiplier to manage the data flow between its RAID/Enterprise Edition drives and a SATA host controller, using a single eSATA data cable to connect the two. This efficient interface simplifies setup and reduces cable clutter without compromising performance.

The hot-swappable drive modules in the Fusion storage system simplify media access. Cable-less connections and integrated levers that function as handles make it easy for engineers to remove one drive module and bring in another, conserving valuable time and human resources previously dedicated to copying files over the network to another drive.

"Technology is the foundation for all our work, and the easy-to-use Fusion R400Q has become an integral part of our operations," added Zevallos. "As our company continues to grow, we know that we can rely on Sonnet's technology to meet our media storage needs."

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About AZ Los Angeles

Founded in 1990 by the brothers Alonso and Alvaro Zevallos, AZ Los Angeles specializes in music composition, sound design, and sound mixing for radio and television commercials. The former two-man post-production facility is now an award-winning studio with offices in Los Angeles, Lima, and Mexico City. The company is online at

About Sonnet Technologies

Sonnet Technologies, Inc. of Irvine, Calif., is a leader in providing local storage systems for professional users of Macintosh®, Windows®, and UNIX® systems in the film, video, and broadcast industries. Since its founding in 1986, Sonnet has pioneered and brought to market innovative solutions that enhance the performance and connectivity of Macintosh and industry-standard computers. Today, the company is a world-leading computer hardware upgrade company with a product line featuring a range of high-performance, cost-effective, and reliable storage solutions, as well as a variety of performance-extending upgrade cards. More information is available at

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