AXON manufacturer of Synapse signal processing equipment and TRACS compliance recorders releases a range of multiviewers: SynView.

The SynView multiviewers are 3Gb/s, HD, low latency modular multiviewers (20ms @ 50Hz and 17ms @ 60Hz) making them the world's fastest multiviewers.. The extreme low latency makes these multiviewers perfect for production video walls (OB vans, studio’s), playout video walls, multi head, multi screen high resolution systems and master control systems.

The SynView multiviewers can handle multiple individual selectable UMD and Tally overlays (TSL, ASCI, ACP, manually through AXON Cortex). They further handle multiple audio metering (f.e. adjustment per input, audio signaling of various formats) and Metadata (f.e. time code and aspect ratio) overlay. Also multiple individual clocks in different styles are handled (f.e down counting, locked to embedded VITC or analog clock). The multiviewers are modular and expandable per 4 inputs. The current product portfolio contains makes multiviewers up to 32 channels of 3Gb/s-HD-SDI or HD-SDI in 2RU possible. Because of the modularity of the system Synview multiviewers can be combined with other signal processing modules out of the Synapse product range; f.e. a logo inserter, keyer or cross converter. Click here for more information on SynView.