Calrec Showcases Hydra2's Ability to Interact With Third-Party Control and Production Automation Equipment

HEBDEN BRIDGE, U.K. -- April 9, 2012 -- At its 2012 NAB Show exhibit in booth C1746, Calrec Audio will provide a compelling new demo of its Hydra2 audio routing system, and the system's ability to interact with third-party control and production automation equipment.

To give broadcasters a sense of Hydra2's potential as a networking solution, Calrec will exhibit its equipment in a scenario akin to how it would be used in an actual production environment.

Demonstrating the Calrec Serial Protocol will be a Ross switcher emulator in conjunction with Ross Overdrive technology, which will allow for visibility into and third-party control over a number of Calrec audio console settings such as fader position, PFL and cut control for paths on faders, routing to auxes from faders, output level control for auxes, routing to mains from faders, main output level/fader control, and LB/RB input switching for paths on faders.

The SW-P-08 protocol will be put into practice incorporating a variety of third-party router panels -- including Evertz, Nvision, Snell, and LSB's Virtual Studio Manager (VSM) -- to demonstrate remote control over input-to-output crosspoint patching. In addition to direct routing of physical inputs to outputs, it can also route to and from a console DSP via Calrec's Hydra Patchbays.

Finally the EMBER protocol will be demonstrated via VSM, enabling memory loads, loading and removal of alias files, viewing and editing of Hydra2 I/O box and ports labels, SMPTE 2020 metadata insertion, and selective muting of SDI outputs.

"Broadcasters are increasingly demanding more versatility and integration from their audio equipment," said Henry Goodman, head of sales and marketing of Calrec. "For audio systems to be able to meet those demands, broadcasters must give greater consideration to their networks as a whole, and how efficiently those networks can be controlled. Our Hydra2 demo at NAB 2012 will show this point in a very clear way."

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Photo Caption 1: Calrec's Hydra2 audio routing system works as a networking solution at NAB

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