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MONTRÉAL -- After two months of renovation, the Montréal Science Centre will be re-opening with new, unique exhibits. Toronto-based Holophone® ( is right at the center of the museum‘s Technology Showcase with its H2-PRO surround microphone.

Presented by Alcan, a leading global materials company, the idea behind the Technology Showcase is to explain the invention process along with how current innovations are shaping the way we live. The H2-PRO is one of 23 innovations included in the exhibit which span a variety of functions from digitization, to shape memory, to sound recording. All inventions selected for the showcase were created by Canadians and were introduced within the last three years.

The H2-PRO surround microphone was chosen for the exhibit because of its influence on the way professional broadcast and film pros in Canada and across the globe record surround sound. With one H2-PRO microphone set up in a single location, audio professionals can record an accurate surround mix which mirror‘s the typical home theater setup found in viewer‘s living rooms. Prior to the introduction of the H2-PRO, the same project would have required multiple microphones set up in various locations. Using eight microphones encased in an elliptical enclosure which mimics the acoustics found in the human head, the mic provides listeners with the feeling of really being there when recording anything from live sporting events, to concerts, to sound effects for a feature film.

“It was amazing to see how a simple idea grew into a tangible technology that is now helping an industry do its job better,” says Holophone President and Founder Michael Godfrey. “Holophone is honored by this recognition and we hope that our story can help inspire future Canadian innovators.”

The Technology Showcase is part of the centre‘s permanent display which is free to the public.