REEDSBURG, WI — Sound Devices announces that its CL-8 Controller, a mixing control surface companion to the company’s new 788T digital 8-track recorder is now shipping. The CL-8 is designed to provide additional capabilities to the 788T without significant increase in weight, making it adaptable to a variety of field productions. Along with the availability of the CL-8, the 788T has been upgraded to 12 recording tracks for all 788T users with the latest firmware.

“With the new revision of firmware and the CL-8, a user can now record each input as eight isolated tracks, plus two stereo mix tracks and Aux 1 and Aux 2 which are valuable for sub mixes,” says Matt Anderson, director of engineering for Sound Devices. “These new tracks can provide auxiliary sends for more comprehensive setups.”

The CL-8 features eight large, rotary faders to control the eight inputs of the 788T. It offers command over numerous input settings, including high-pass filter, limiter, and polarity. When used with the CL-8, the original 788T input controls function as input trims, and the CL-8 provides fader control. To ensure accurate and clear marking of tracks, the CL-8 is able to manage the 788T’s built-in slate mic. For rapid setups in the field, the CL-8 allows users to quickly assign inputs to the main left and right record tracks. The CL-8 is connected to the recorder over a USB connection and it includes a USB keyboard pass-through port. In addition to the expansion of the CL-8, Sound Devices has upgraded the company’s Wave Agent utility software to accommodate 12 tracks of playback and editing capabilities.

Available as a no charge download from the company’s website (, Wave Agent helps users manage and edit Broadcast Wave file metadata (BEXT) and iXML metadata as well as allowing for batch editing of large file libraries.

“Our Wave Agent Utility Software is an important feature for our 7-Series recorders,” continues Anderson. “The expanded capabilities of both the CL-8 and Wave Agent provide the added tracks needed for complex documentaries and reality TV productions, while also offering the ability to easily play back any of the 12 tracks recorded, whether in the field or in the studio.”