LED fixtures for Studio & Film from Videssence

Videssence shows a variety of powerful LED lighting fixtures for TV, studios, film, theater and stage. There are four ExceLED Series models available. The smallest, 25 watt fixture competes with many 500 or 650 watt Fresnel fixtures in spot beam focus and is also offered in a kit. The ExceLED 100 watt has an adjustable beam spread and is able to produce amazing light levels at a distance of 25' and more. It out performs a typical 1000 watt Fresnel fixture in spot beam focus and comes very close to competing with many 2K fixtures. The daylight option can easily replace a 400 watt HMI fixture. Finally the "Nine Light" ExceLED at 225 watts can provide the long throw and high light levels required for film and video in large production studios. Light levels over 200 footcandles at 50' can be achieved with daylight LEDs. All of these optically engineered fixtures, with their low wattage, extremely long throw and performance, have again raised the bar for fixtures for the studio, film and theater. We proudly design and manufacture in the United States. Please visit www.videssence.tv for more information.