NVISION to Showcase New NV5100MC Master Control System and New NV8576 Large Matrix Router at IBC 08

Large-Matrix Multi-Format Router Product Line Scales from 144x144 to 1152x1152

Grass Valley, Calif – August 20, 2008 – (IBC 08, The RAI, Amsterdam, AXON-NVISION Stand 10.A21, 10.B21) – NVISION® today announced its IBC 08 product demonstrations will feature an all-new NV5100MC Master Control Switching Systems, an all-new Large-Matrix 3Gb/s Router product line, newly extended technology and functionality for the NV9000 Router Control System, and increased big-system functionality for the Compact Router Series. NVISION shares the IBC 08 stand with its global partner, AXON Digital Design BV.

NVISION’s platform-driven approach to product design enables no compromises in power, performance, and functionality. These platforms also enable the highest levels of reliability, scaleability, upgradeability, and flexibility on the market. This is a significant value proposition for broadcasters because they’ll have immediate access to ever greater and more powerful features, functionality, and performance over time, and at the lowest total cost of ownership.

New Large-Matrix Multi-Format Router Product Line: NVISION® is featuring its new generation of high-density, large-matrix, digital multi-format routers -- matrices from 144x144 to 1152x1152 -- that empower broadcasters and post-production facilities with the most powerful and scaleable digital audio/video routers on the market.

The first in this new router product line, the NV8576 Large-Matrix Digital Multi-Format Router (shown at NAB 08), offers 3Gb/s routing, patented N-on-1 redundant crosspoint protection, and superior signal integrity over coaxial cable or optical fiber. Proven linear expansion technology of the NV8576 provides matrix sizes in two 32 RU frames that previously required at least four router chassis. The NV8576 supports a 576 x 1152 matrix in a single 32RU frame, and can be easily expanded linearly to 1152 x 1152 with the NV8576 Plus in the field by adding a second frame and the appropriate front plug-in modules. This expansion technology completely removes the need for external secondary switches or distribution amplifiers.

Announced today, and showing for the first time at IBC 08, the new NV8280 is the second router within NVISION’s Large-Matrix Digital Multi-Format Router product line. The NV8280 router has all the features and functionality of the NV8576, with a matrix of 288x576. It can also be expanded to a 576x576 matrix with the NV8280 Plus.

The NVISION Router Advantage: 3Gb/s video transport is integral to the 1080p HD standard, and will also be used in other high-bandwidth applications such as 3D HDTV, Digital Cinema, and slow-motion image capture. The proven implementation of 3Gb/s in NVISION routers provides less jitter, increased rise and fall times, and improved signal integrity. These signal improvements provide an increased loss budget, which means that longer cable lengths can be used for signal distribution of a given data rate. Or, a smaller diameter coax, typically higher loss, can be used for a higher data rate at a given length in an effort to reduce cable weight and volume, an important issue in mobile vehicle design. The NV8576 platform also includes rear passive connection schemes for 1.5 and 3.0 Gb/s SDI signals and very tight mechanical tolerances that enable the use of ultra-high density connectors in user reconfigurable routers.


New NV5100MC Multi-Channel Master Control Switching System: The modularity of the NV5100MC product line enables broadcasters to custom tailor a powerful master control system to fit their facility’s current needs and budget, then easily and cost-effectively add or upgrade features and functionality as requirements change. Key advantages of NV5100MC Series include increased audio and video processing capability; field programmable processor for either SD or HD; a choice of four easy-to-use control surfaces; and unique to NVISION, full-video preview including effects.

The foundation for the NV5100 Series is a newly advanced modular, robust, and field-programmable product platform that enables the scaleability, upgradeability, and flexibility broadcasters need to efficiently and cost-effectively run today’s broadcast facilities.

New NV9000 Router System Controller: The NV9000 is the ultimate router control system for any broadcast facility, controlling up to 250 routers, 400 control panels, and up to 250 physical and 512 virtual levels. Its hardware foundation is a new, purpose-built system controller, developed and manufactured by NVISION to provide the industry’s highest level of functionality, performance, and reliability. Combine two NV9000 system controllers to build a fully redundant control system. Standard features include redundant power supplies, solid state hard drive, six Network Control Points, and the NV9000-SE configuration utility, a simplified, intuitive, and powerful user interface.

Like all NVISION systems, the NV9000 is scaleable and upgradeable so that broadcasters can build and purchase a control system to support their current requirements, and add more features and functionality as their needs change.

NVISION is also announcing new, advanced control-panel upgrades, which simplify user operations and offer increased system functionality:

• New – NV9607 Control Panel: 2RU panel (2.5” deep) with 116 buttons and a user-configurable display, showing up to eight levels at a time. The NV9607 is a multi-mode, maximum button-density virtual panel that supports single destination, multi-destination, or limited XY operation.

• New – NV9606 Control Panel: 1RU panel (2.5” deep) with 68 buttons. The NV9606 is a singled destination or XY panel that can also be slaved to the NV9607.

• Upgraded - NV9640 Control Panel: 2RU panel (2.5” deep) with 30 relegendable LCD buttons that are configured as a decision tree to guide the user through the applicable source choices.

• Upgraded - NV9641 Control Panel: 1RU LCD control panel (2.5” deep) with 16 relegendable LCD buttons that are configured as a decision tree to guide the user through the applicable source choices.

• New – EC9790 Virtual Control Panels: A five-seat client license offers Java-based GUI panels for nearly all the NVISION hardware control panels. The Java-based panels emulate the hardware control panels with the same functionality and configuration files.

Expanded Compact Router Series: The Compact Router Series delivers big-system quality and performance in compact packaging, with support for 3Gb/s, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, AES, AV, AA, and Data formats. These affordable, rugged, small foot-print routers (1RU, 2RU) have even greater system functionality with the addition of a new and complimentary Java-based configuration tool, the Compact Router System Configurator (CRSC); new router matrix sizes in all formats; and several new router control panel options. With a product line now consisting of over 30 routers and control panels that are scaleable with NVISION’s entire product offering, you can add system capability as your needs grow. Each router operates without the need for an external controller but can be controlled by an NV9000/NV915 control system or third parties for integration into large routing systems.


Broadcasting networks, local stations, and post production facilities throughout the world rely on NVISION router, router control, and master control systems. These facilities include Telegenic (3Gig, UIK) Alfacam (3Gig, Belgium), DirecTV, ESPN, Turner Broadcasting Systems, BSkyB (UK), ABC, CBS, Sky TV (New Zealand), JiangSu Broadcasting Corporation (China) Library of Congress, Voice of America, the US Senate (3Gig), NFL Films, NBA, Deluxe Digital, Sony Pictures, Pixar, ILM (Presidio), 2G Digital Post, Ascent Media, Sweetwater Digital Productions, Corplex, Qualcomm, and Verizon to name a few.

User Profiles:

Telegenic, UK: Telegenic, a leading provider of OB video production trucks, specializes in the coverage of sports, music, business, and live entertainment events in the UK, Europe, Africa, and Asia. For its newest 16.5-meter (54 feet) T16 triple-expanding video production truck with 25 HD cameras, Telegenic (UK) chose NVISION’s new NV8576 Large-Matrix Digital Multi-Format Router, with a 576 x 1152 matrix in a single 32RU frame, to easily handle its requirement for 333 inputs and 666 outputs. The NV8576 digital routing formats include 3Gb/s HD/SDI, SD/SDI, AES. The router also offers patented N-on-1 redundant crosspoint protection, and linear expandability up to 1152 x 1152 by adding a single frame. The sale to Telegenic also included several of AXON’s Synapse module cards -- up-converters, down-converters, synchronizers, AES DAs, Video DAs, embedders, de-embedders, Dolby-E decoders -- and an NVISION NV7512 Audio Router (256x256 AES + 128x128 AA).

Alfacam, Belgium: Alfacam, a TV facilities provider, deploys its fleet of video production trucks all over the world. They recently provided 16 outside broadcasting (OB) trucks to Beijing Olympic Broadcasting to be used at several athletic venues at the 2008 games. Nearly all the trucks are equipped with NVISION routers and AXON’s Synapse Modular Signal Processing Equipment. Built in 2007-2008, four large OB trucks each have the NV8288 video truck router with 3Gb/s inputs and outputs. Six other OB trucks have the NV5128 multi-format router equipped with HD, RS422 and time code routing. The OB trucks are also equipped with Synapse modular infrastructure and communications system, including a mix of SD and HD modules, and the Synapse 2HS10, a dual channel high-end down converter with de-embedding function.

Turner Broadcasting Systems (TBS): TBS recently installed NVISION’s all-new NV5100MC Multi-Channel Master Control Switching Systems for its major television services, which includes TNT HD, TBS HD, TBS east and west, Cartoon Network and Atlanta’s Peachtree TV. Turner developed a master control model that could be replicated for its numerous channels, with requirements including mirrored back-up capability under automation control, and the option to go to full manual-switcher operation as required; increased audio channels, including Dolby E processing capability for HD content with surround sound; integration of external graphics, along with insertion of closed captioning and other services, without disrupting program delivery. Due to limited space, the compact master control switcher panels had to fit Turner’s existing model for control room consoles.

DIRECTV: “NVISION’s proven N-on-1 crosspoint redundancy was a key factor in our selection of NVISION routers for the DIRECTV backbone signal transmission,” said Hanno Basse, vice president, Engineering, DIRECTV, Inc. “For DIRECTV this means confidence in the non-stop delivery of programming to its viewers.”

JiangSu Broadcasting Corporation (JSBC) in Nanjing, P.R. China: JSBC, one of the top ten provincial TV stations in China chose NVISION’s systems for the broadcast infrastructure in its new 36-story TV center, which expects to begin operation by June 2008. JSBC’s selection of NVISION was based on strict criteria for efficiency, reliability, and overall cost-effectiveness. The systems include NVISION’s NV8256 Plus Large-Scale Router with SD/HD capability, NV5128 Digital Video Router, NV9000 Router Control System, NV9601/NV9640 Router Control Panels, and the NV5128MC Multi-Channel Master Control Switcher.

ABC New York: ABC is working on several key projects with NVISION such as streamlining communications between production, producers and directors for late breaking news and upgrading program origination like Good Morning America to HD while maintaining SD operations.

The Letterman Digital Arts Center is the home of Lucasfilm Ltd., LucasArts, and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM): “Our mission was to build the world’s most advanced digital facility for bringing imagination to life in digital film productions, video games, and other entertainment projects. The main challenge in designing the media infrastructure was enabling huge amounts of data to be transferred to any part of the facility on a moment’s notice. This achieves the vision of enabling our digital artists and producers to collaborate internally for creating, editing, and viewing high-resolution digital content,” says Gary Meyer, chief engineer at the Letterman Digital Arts Center. “NVISION worked with us to design the routing infrastructure and to provide routing systems of excellent quality, versatility, and reliability that also accommodate future expansion. NVISION also backs their products with outstanding service and support. You can’t ask for more than that in an equipment vendor.”

Pricing and Availability

The NV51000MC Series, NV8576 Large-Matrix Digital Multi-Format Router, and NV9000 Router Control and panels are all available now, and are competitively priced in all configurations. The new NV8280 router will be available in Q4. For detailed pricing, contact your local sales representative; see www.nvision.tv See NVISION at IBC 08, The RAI, Amsterdam, AXON-NVISION Stand 10.A21, 10.B21.

About NVISION: Moving Pictures and Sound Around, Perfectly

Headquartered in Grass Valley, CA (USA), NVISION is the leading provider of advanced technology and routing systems for the delivery of superior, error-free digital audio and HD/SD video used in all TV broadcast sectors and multi-format post production. The company’s sole focus is the development and manufacture of high-performance, high-reliability, scaleable, and cost-effective router, router control, master control, and modular broadcast systems. Since its founding in 1989, NVISION has pioneered groundbreaking technological advances, including large-scale HD-SDI routing and synchronous AES routing – first in HD; first in 3Gb/s-enabled routers. For more information, please visit www.nvision.tv