AETA launches Scoopy+ with LTE

At the 2012 NAB Show, AETA Audio Systems will launch an enhanced version of Scoopy+ multitasking portable codec with new support for the LTE standard.

AETA's Scoopy+ is a portable professional audio hardware codec supporting HD Voice (7kHz). The addition of LTE provides a significant performance improvement and an important alternative to congested 3G networks.

With support for LTE, Scoopy+ achieves up to 100Mb/s for download and 50Mb/s for upload, with lower latency for better performance during live transmissions, and better coverage in rural areas by using lower frequencies in the 800MHz band. Scoopy+ also now includes IPv6 support for further ease of use.

LTE is the newest standard for mobile communication, providing considerable performance advantages over the 3G standard and better coverage in rural areas due to the use of lower frequencies in the 800 MHz band and IPv6 support.

See AETA-audio at 2012 NAB Show booth C2850.