Italy's TIMedia-LA7 Deploys UTAH-400/528 at Heart of Infrastructure Renovated to Support 3G/HD/SDI

SALT LAKE CITY -- May 2, 2011 -- Utah Scientific today announced that TIMedia-LA7, the third-largest terrestrial broadcaster in Italy, is installing a large-scale Utah Scientific routing system, comprising two UTAH-400/528 video routers with integrated audio routing, at the heart of a technical infrastructure that is being thoroughly renovated to provide full 3G/HD/SDI signal distribution. TIMedia-LA7, owned by Telecom Italia Media (TIM), operates two main television services, LA7 and LA7d, along with themed channels, WebTV, and satellite channels.

"Utah Scientific is an excellent technological partner for TIMedia-LA7," said Simone Madoni, operations manager at TIMedia-LA7 TV. "Because the company is completely focused on large routing systems, we have found that we can rely on Utah Scientific to work closely with our engineers to develop innovative solutions to our unique operational requirements."

The Utah Scientific system enables TIMedia-LA7 to take a new approach to managing audio and video in a very large and complex environment that encompasses the media company's two facilities in Rome. In addition to providing the routing capabilities, durability, and reliability required by TIMedia-LA7, the Utah Scientific system will enable the company to enhance and extend its playout services, realize greater organizational effectiveness, and optimize its use of technological resources.

The UTAH-400/528 is the only router to offer a 528x528 video and 2000x2000 audio matrix in a single 20-RU frame using industry-standard BNC connectors. Because of its innovative architecture, the UTAH-400/528 can be scaled easily using a single set of matrix building blocks. Like all UTAH-400 digital routers, it includes redundant power supplies and signal format flexibility -- including the ability to handle 3-Gbps progressive-scan HD signal formats -- with an internal audio embedder and de-embedder, as well as AES and MADI audio interfaces. In addition, the routers' low power and cooling requirements have enabled TIMedia-LA7 to cut its electric bill by as much as 50 percent compared with power costs demanded by similar competing systems. These savings contribute to greener operations and a faster ROI.

"TIMedia-LA7's technical centers in Rome have always been pioneers in broadcast technologies," said Tom Harmon, president and CEO of Utah Scientific. "The UTAH-400 routers at the core of the company's broadcast infrastructure not only provide our signature reliability and design efficiency, but also offer the TIMedia-LA7 a foundation for expanding its full broadcasting services and solutions."

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About Telecom Italia Media Spa

Telecom Italia Media is the company within Telecom Italia Group that is dedicated to media. It operates principally in newswire output, TV production, and delivery of content for TV and the Web with the brand La7, and controls ownership of MTV Italia. Its business growth is driven by advertising income from television and the access market, which offer attractive prospects for growth as the digital terrestrial television market continues to expand. The La7 television company has strengthened its identity and consolidated its editorial positioning as a provider of current affairs and features.

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