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Genesis Networks Fiber Optic DTH Service Enables Content Providers to Reach Global Market

NEW YORK -- April 29, 2008 -- A new direct-to-home (DTH) service offering from Genesis Networks enables content providers to reach every DTH platform and DBS platform worldwide with a single connection. With the Genesis Networks DTH service, broadcasters are able to avoid the high costs of satellite transmissions and maintain exceptional quality of service (QoS) by accessing Genesis' global HD video-over-IP fiber network.

Genesis Networks' DTH service is targeted to major distribution hubs that manage content delivery to large numbers of local affiliates and customer homes. Previously, these content providers had to rely on multiple satellite hops in order to reach large numbers of DTH platforms. Because the Genesis Networks fiber infrastructure is connected to all worldwide DTH platforms, content providers are able to expand their reach and deliver regionalized programming to new markets via a fully managed, turnkey solution that leverages the low latency and consistently high signal quality of a terrestrial fiber network.

In addition, Genesis' DTH service enables content providers to insert regional commercial content into the broadcast stream for every viewing location -- providing new revenue-generating opportunities. Program providers have the option of inserting localized content at the source, or at the point of delivery.

"The prohibitive costs and compromised integrity of multiple satellite hops has kept emerging broadcasters from realizing their global potential. But now, simply by being on our network, they can go virtually anywhere and maintain cross-continent quality levels at a much lower cost than satellite transmissions," said Paul Dujardin, president and CEO of Genesis Networks. "This service is ideal for broadcasters and major cable networks that are looking to extend their brands into new marketplaces around the world with high-definition regionalized content."

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About Genesis Networks

Genesis Networks provides broadcasters, cable networks, production companies, and corporations with high-quality customized global video transmission services that are reliable, flexible, and affordable. The Genesis Networks platform is a next-generation, IP-based fiber and satellite video network with cutting-edge switching and compression technologies. With more than 100 locations worldwide and growing, many organizations can now take advantage of Genesis Networks' services. The company's network operations center in New York City maintains the health and standards of the global network while the Genesis Networks proprietary software system, IRIS, allows clients to have remote, real-time network monitoring, scheduling, and control capabilities. Additional information on Genesis Networks and its innovative products is available at