May 14, 2008—IntraCom Systems’ Software IP Intercom System, VCOM, was a key element of the complex communications and IFB system for the global Pangea Day event on May 10 in Los Angeles.

Pangea Day is a global event bringing the world together through film, live music, and visionary speakers. It was broadcast live in seven languages to millions of people worldwide through the internet, television, and mobile phones. The production involved the real-time interaction of the main venue in Los Angeles with live shows in London; Cairo, Egypt; Mumbai, India; Kigali, Rowanda; and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Jess Heimlich, a professional intercom industry veteran with Digital Communications Systems, Las Vegas, led the communications team from the Los Angeles site, which was equipped with a Telex ADAM system in the main production truck. VCOM was used as the interconnect between the local venue and the remotes—each of which required a communications path and IFB circuit. The VCOM System accomplished this via an IP connection at each venue carried over the public internet. “This new technique offers greatly expanded capability as well as far superior audio quality and intelligibility compared with typical telephone connections. The high cost of international telephone circuits being used for extended periods over several days of set up was also eliminated,” said David Brand, Chief Development Officer, IntraCom Systems, LLC.

"The VCOM System offered an unprecedented level of flexibility and seamless integration with the ADAM system. VCOM was a great tool to have as ADAM Systems are not sitting on the shelf in Rwanda, Mumbai, Cairo, London and Rio; and even if they were we're talking rental, engineering, and telecom costs. The remote administration capability and very simple set up allowed operators with very little communications experience to integrate local equipment at the venues. The availability of experienced personnel is often a problem. With this technology the task was greatly simplified. Our producer and director made several phenomenal comments specifically regarding the audio quality of the system, including my favorite: ‘It sounds like they are sitting in the next room,’ ” said Mr. Heimlich, who handles intercommunications for the vast majority of mega sports events.

A multimedia screen capture of VCOM in action on the Pangea show is now available at, as well as additional product information and application examples.

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