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Genesis Networks Satellite Infrastructure Expands MVS Television's Market Reach to Spanish-Speaking U.S. Audiences

NEW YORK — July 8, 2008 — MVS Television, one of Mexico's largest pay-television providers, has chosen Genesis Networks to carry the broadcaster's popular Channel 52MX (Canal 52MX) to U.S. cable providers via a full-time, fully managed satellite distribution service. The Genesis Networks satellite service provides a turnkey solution that enables MVS Television to expand its market presence among Spanish-speaking viewers in the United States.

Channel 52MX, a 24-hour Spanish-language news and entertainment channel, joins MVS Television's Cine Latino on the Genesis Networks cable network distribution system. Genesis Networks provides full-time uplink of Channel 52MX to the Intelsat Galaxy 23 satellite, where it is available for downlink and distribution by U.S. cable MSOs and DBS platforms. In addition, Genesis Networks provides 24x7 technical support and authorization services for all cable affiliates carrying Channel 52MX, as well as database management services.

"The Spanish-speaking pay-television audience in the U.S. represents a huge and rapidly growing market for our programming. A few years ago, Genesis Networks made it possible for us to carry Cine Latino to U.S. cable providers and start tapping that market, and so it made sense to continue the relationship by repeating the same model with Channel 52MX," said Fernando Villaseñor, MVS Corporate Technical Director. "Genesis Networks has given us access to a standard satellite platform that permits easy access to U.S. cable companies, and its network and conditional access tools allow us to provide personalized attention to our customers without the need of additional investments in technical and human resources."

"By uplinking Channel 52MX to our satellite infrastructure, we provided a cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality solution that enables MVS Television to effectively increase its presence in the North American market," said Mariano Aragon-Diaz, vice president, Latin America, for Genesis Networks. "Time and time again, we've shown that we can add great value to media companies such as MVS by enabling them to reach out to new audiences and deliver content beyond their own geographical borders."

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About MVS

MVS Television is Mexico's leading pay-television broadcaster and is a subsidiary of MVS Comunicaciones. A unified group of companies with leading brands in television, radio, broadband, and publishing, MVS Comunicaciones mission is to offer today's growing audiences new ways to access information, culture, and entertainment that surpass their expectations based on service, innovation, and quality. MVS Comunicaciones is a pioneer in the launching of telecommunications services that have transformed the industry in Mexico. More information is available at

About Genesis Networks

Genesis Networks provides broadcasters, cable networks, production companies, and corporations with high-quality customized global video transmission services that are reliable, flexible, and affordable. The Genesis Networks' platform is a next-generation, IP-based fiber, and satellite video network with cutting-edge switching and compression technologies. With more than 170 locations worldwide and growing, many organizations can now take advantage of Genesis services. The company's network operations center in New York City maintains the health and standards of the global network while the Genesis proprietary software system, IRIS, allows clients to have remote, real-time network monitoring, scheduling, and control capabilities. For additional information on Genesis Networks and its innovative products, please visit