Holophone® and audio/video podcasting “smart culture” website, Culture Catch, are making history this Tuesday, June 17 with the first ever 5.1 surround HD video podcast entitled “CC Monthly Music Salon Series with Ms. Vanessa Carlton,” featuring music from the recording artist’s new CD.

Based on the traditional French salons from the 1600’s, a select group of invited VIPs will be given an unprecedented opportunity to discuss with Carlton, in an informal and casual setting, the impact and inspiration of her music. In addition, they will be able to see her artistry in action as she performs selections from her new album Heroes & Thieves before the launch of her new tour. To provide viewers with intimate access to this gathering, the Culture Catch Crew will use Holophone’s H4 SuperMINI and H2-PRO as a portable and easy means to capture surround in conjunction with a Panasonic AV-HVX 200 HD camera for high-definition video.

“Part of the success of our podcasts is the ability we have to be portable,” says Co-Founder and podcast host of CultureCatch.com Dusty Wright. “With the Holophone mics and the HD camera we are able to go out on a moment’s notice to capture high-profile artists as they perform in a variety of locations, from their living rooms, or while they record an upcoming CD in the studio. It helps to bring that one-on-one feel to our productions, really giving a more personal look into the thoughts and lives of the artists we profile.”

“We love that the features of the H4SuperMINI are so turnkey,” says Richard Burns Co-Founder/Director. “The mic is able to automatically encode its six channels of audio to the camera and we don’t have to do anything to make it surround. When it hits our viewers’ home theatres or 5.1 setups on their computers, it automatically decodes to surround sound.”

Holophone’s H4 SuperMINI utilizes Dolby Laboratories’ Dolby® Pro Logic II® encoding technology, to encode the mic’s six channels of audio to two so it can be recorded directly to any broadcast camera or a separate stereo recording device. The mic’s recordings are fully compatible with the installed base of approximately 60 million Dolby Pro Logic II consumer decoders, allowing H4SuperMINI’s recordings to be

broadcast in stereo and decoded to surround in viewers’ living rooms on their television, Apple TV and workstations.

“Holophone first made history when we introduced the H2-PRO and we are now happy to work with Culture Catch to bring about another historical event,” says Jonathan Godfrey, CEO of Holophone. “With the increased popularity of Apple TV, and podcasts quickly becoming a prime source of information and entertainment, more internet broadcast outlets are looking for means to bring HD content to their productions. Holphone’s microphones are a great solution because are they easy to operate and effortlessly add cinematic-quality 5.1 surround to any project. ”

To view to the video podcast, visit www.culturecatch.com. For more information on Holophone’s line of surround microphones, visit www.holophone.com.