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iPharro Media Releases AdMon Software for Automated TV Advertisement Monitoring and Detection

DARMSTADT, Germany -- April 12, 2010 -- iPharro Media today announced the release of its AdMon(TM) software, which automates advertising monitoring and detection workflows to eliminate the labor-intensive processes required by traditional ad monitoring. Built on the iPharro MediaSeeker(TM) Core Platform, the industry's first fully configurable video fingerprinting-based content identification engine, AdMon analyzes preselected TV channels, tracks new and preexisting ad placements, and provides valuable detection information such as channel name and detection time within minutes of airing. Automatic identification of newly broadcast advertisements and integrated difference detection capabilities complement these features, making AdMon the best-of-breed software available for ad monitoring.

"Witnessing a dramatic rise in the number of simultaneously available TV channels, ad-focused media monitoring companies are looking to maximize gains and overall efficiency with tools that automate and optimize TV advertisement monitoring workflows," said Mark Devins, director of business development at iPharro Media. "With automated and real-time detection reports from AdMon, our customers now have the opportunity to eliminate expensive, error-prone human resources from monitoring, in turn increasing efficiency and revenues."

AdMon's powerful difference detection capability allows users to efficiently pinpoint changes between different versions of commercials. The software allows users to track advertisements for important changes in price or product packaging, content length, or graphic overlays, all of which are often missed by the human eye. Moreover, the software also offers a highly intuitive Reference Management tool for content management and a user-friendly, graphical front-end interface for viewing ad key frame summaries and managing detection reports. AdMon also features a Web-based portal service that allows users to log in remotely from a standard PC and manage and analyze detection reports.

"AdMon is iPharro's solution to the industry's pressing need to automate and simplify ad-monitoring workflows," said Joshua Cohen, CEO of iPharro Media. "AdMon software offers media companies a versatile new content identification model that introduces incredible cost efficiencies while bringing vastly improved accuracy and speed to the fundamental task of monitoring TV ads."

The principles underlying iPharro's new AdMon software already have been employed by the world's leading marketing and media information company, The Nielsen Company, which relies on iPharro's content identification software for commercial ad monitoring purposes.

More information about AdMon software and other iPharro Media products is available at

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About iPharro Media

iPharro Media, a world leader in content identification solutions, empowers media players along every step of the value chain to identify, control, and monetize video content. iPharro's solutions can be deployed and seamlessly integrated into any preexisting workflow or serve as the engine behind any new content identification-based application. With state-of-the-art adaptive video fingerprinting technology(TM) at its core, iPharro's patent-pending identification technique provides users with an unprecedented level of accuracy and precision -- down to the frame level -- that competitors cannot match. Moreover, with a noninvasive, configurable approach to content identification, iPharro allows customers to fingerprint today, identify tomorrow(TM), thus providing a foundation for maintaining control over growing volumes of digital content, even as available distribution outlets and platforms explode in number. With workflow expertise built in partnership with world-class customers, iPharro is uniquely positioned to integrate advanced content identification into any workflow or business process with minimal impact. More information on iPharro products is available at