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Pilat Media Adds BXF Support to IBMS for More Responsive, More Adaptable Workflow

LONDON — June 23, 2009— Pilat Media, the leading global supplier of business management software solutions to the media industry, has announced a new version of its IBMS broadcast management system featuring support for the Broadcast eXchange Format (BXF). Already in use at a major U.S. network in New York, IBMS with BXF functionality contributes to business agility by facilitating rapid exchange of data between integrated systems in the broadcast workflow.

SMPTE BXF standardizes the communication of schedule and as-run information. For broadcasters who are managing multiple platform operations and who are frequently required to react to changing events, IBMS's support for BXF and its close integration with many other software systems such as advertising systems, playout, and MAM simplifies operations management — leading to better efficiency and faster response.

"The major advantage of BXF support in IBMS is the flexibility it gives broadcasters to adapt and streamline their operations. For example, broadcasters changing schedules in response to late-breaking news or over-running sports events can now be sure that systems integrated with IBMS through BXF will align very quickly," said Bob Lamb, CTO, Pilat Media. "We are clearly seeing a potential for dramatic workflow improvements."

Crucially for ease of management, changes are initiated within IBMS and ripple through linked systems automatically, allowing broadcasters high-level control over the situation, and avoiding discrepancies between systems. A change to the schedule made in IBMS will update the automation system and simultaneously update any linked promotions.

IBMS streamlines the entire content management workflow from content acquisition and rights management to scheduling, media management, log preparation, and analysis. Because the system leverages a single integrated database, it provides better visibility on inventory utilization and easily enables the user to generate 'what if' programming and cost scenarios.

IBMS with BXF support is shipping now.

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About Pilat Media

Pilat Media Global plc [AIM: PGB] develops, markets, and supports business management software solutions for content and service providers in the media industry. Designed with the direct involvement of top-tier broadcasters, Pilat Media's systems improve business performance; accelerate time to market; and enable diversification and growth of content programming, advertising sales, traffic, and media operations for multi-platform linear and on-demand services. More than 50 blue-chip media companies around the world use Pilat Media solutions, including SBS (Pro7) Group, FOX, AT&T, CTV, Virgin Media, Discovery, SABC, Chellomedia, the BBC, Media General, Sky Italia, ESPN Star Sports, Network Ten, TVNZ, and Foxtel. These and other deployments represent the management of billions of dollars in advertising revenue and programming that reaches hundreds of millions of viewers. More information is available at