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AXON (booth N1119), manufacturer of signal processing equipment, will introduce at this year’s NAB the Synapse 3Gb/s, HD, SD stereoscopic production and transmission tool for 3D applications (the G3D100).

Synapse, AXON’s modular interface and signal processing equipment, is enhanced with 3D functionality. The G3D100 is a 3Gb/s, HD and SD stereoscopic production and/or transmission tool. The unit is designed for situations where stereoscopic production with flip or mirror, monitoring in anaglyph, 3D transmission of stereoscopic into side by side, or side by side to anaglyph is required. It can be fed with a stereoscopic image (and a backup source). These sources are processed internally to provide multiple outputs.

In a stereoscopic production where in case of a mirrored camera rig one of the inputs is flipped or mirrored, the unit makes sure that the outputs are retimed to reference or to the first SDI input. The on-board colour correctors in both the left and right path can be used to correct for differences (eg caused by the mirror) in colour between the two inputs. The corrected outputs can feed a production mixer for a full blown stereoscopic production. At the same time one of the processed outputs gives a side by side image compatible with all 3D screens that use shutter-glasses or polarized glasses (depending on manufacturer). The other processed output gives an anaglyph picture for different versions of anaglyph glasses compatible with all normal screens. Both processed outputs are full 10 bit broadcast quality images suited for transmission. The processed outputs can also display the same picture, so twice anaglyph or twice side by side.

The G3D100 can furthermore be used when the source is a side-by-side image that either needs to be decoded to stereoscopic for production purposes (external 3D feed) or converted to anaglyph for viewing on a normal screen with anaglyph glasses.

The unit has already been used for 3D trails by Sweetwater (USA, Grammy Awards) SFP (France, cycling event Paris-Tours) and Outside Broadcast (Belgium, athletic event Van Damme Memorial).

The G3D100 is available in an HD/SD version (H3D100) which can be future upgraded for 3Gb/s functionality. The unit is part of the Synapse system which also solutions for other signal processing needs such as up/down/cross conversion, loudness control, multiviewing and Dolby © processing.