Asia TV USA Leverages Actus Digital To Keep Up With The Ratings

Asia TV USA to implement Actus Rating Analyzer multi-module, multi-national, monitoring system and automatic advertisement detection; Latest Actus installation connects monitoring for Zee operations around the world

Tel-Aviv, Israel – April 11, 2012Actus Digital, a developer of web-based media monitoring, content repurposing and verification solutions for broadcasters, cable and satellite providers, IPTV, media and monitoring agencies, governments, regulators and content producers announced today that Asia TV USA, a distributor of Zee TV channels in the USA, has selected the enterprise Actus Ratings Analyzer solution to automate monitoring of ratings performance across multiple channels. “Zee TV has been a longtime Actus customer, ordering its first fully digital TV compliance and rating analyzer system several years ago,” comments Sima Levy, CEO, Actus Digital. “Based on the success of the existing installation, its USA channel distributor, Asia TV USA, purchased an Actus system, totaling many dozens of channels, to support the expansion into worldwide coverage.” The new Actus installation will feature the Actus Rating Analyzer Microsoft Silverlight infrastructure, a new fully-automated detection of content (commercials) on Asia TV USA’s own channels and on other relevant channels, and a fully-automated clip creation system for re-purposing feeds to Internet and mobile phones.

“In addition to the proven performance of the Rating Analyzer system installed at Zee Networks, Actus is able to provide a path for us to connect monitoring and analysis across multiple operations globally. This will allow staff to look at the performance of Zee Networks programs as a whole,” says Unmesh Khadilka, Asia TV USA. “Having all of the data in one place will allow us to better understand program performance and how we can leverage program content to enhance viewer satisfaction throughout the world.”

With its ability to connect monitoring with Zee international operations, Actus will eventually provide an integrated global monitoring solution for Zee Networks and its channel distributors. Levy adds, “Actus was selected following a competitive technical evaluation, and the deployment of the various systems on three continents will occur gradually until the end of 2012. Actus web-based architecture will allow Zee to link their various offices worldwide into one shared system.”

About Actus Solutions

Actus Digital delivers industry-leading technology solutions for video content logging, tagging, monitoring, analysis and repurposing. Actus’ easy-to-use web-based solutions are answering the broadcast media management needs of broadcasters government agencies; cable, satellite & IPTV providers; advertising, media agencies & content producers; around the world. Actus Digital provides user-friendly solutions, which support an unlimited number of channel inputs, thereby facilitating greater functionality, efficiency, and saving costs, while providing enhanced video productivity across our clients’ organizations. Actus’ solutions enable media monitoring and reporting; analysis of content, ads and ratings; legal compliance; and extensive automated exporting tools for repurposing and rebroadcasting linear broadcasts to the Internet and mobile.

About ZEE TV Americas

ZEE TV – the name that has become synonymous with unparalleled quality in entertainment – has been a dominant player in broadcasting content for more than 17 years in the national and international space. As an Indian channel, ZEE TV is committed to supporting the values and traditions that appeal to South Asians across the globe.

In July 1998, ZEE TV expanded its presence in the international space by establishing itself as a mainstay in American households, reaching more than 2 million viewers. ZEE reaches over 600 million viewers in about 168 countries.As the undisputed leader in the market for over 12 years, ZEE TV has successfully evolved its content to meet the changing needs of the market across genres and languages. The network caters to a wide audience with a growing number of channels, including ZEE Cinema, Zing, ZEE Business, TEN Cricket, ZEE Marathi, ZEE Kannada and Alpha ETC Punjabi.

About Asia TV USA Ltd.

Asia TV USA Ltd. is a premier distributor of a wide variety of television, entertainment and media content in the United States across DTH, telco, satellite, broadband and cable platforms and offers viewers more than 300,000 hours of original, entertaining content. The company has become the leading provider of South Asian entertainment channels with television and film programming in a wide range of genres, including soap operas, costume/period dramas, reality shows, Bollywood movies, musicals, suspense, comedies, culinary, children’s entertainment and lifestyle. The Asia TV USA Ltd. portfolio includes nine leading South Asian entertainment channels. The ZEE brand is the undisputed leader in the South Asian entertainment space in the U.S. with the largest number of channels by any South Asian broadcaster and the first to be Nielsen rated. These include ZEE TV, ZEE Cinema, Ten Cricket, Alpha ETC Punjabi, ZEE Business, Zing, ZEE Kannada, ZEE Marathi and ZEE Smile.

About Actus Digital

Actus Digital, a subsidiary of Taya Media Group, Israel’s premier video, media and visual communication content and technologies company, is a developer of web-based media monitoring, content repurposing and verification for broadcasters, cable and satellite providers, IPTV, media and monitoring agencies, governments and content producers. Leveraging emerging web technologies and IT standard hardware, Actus solutions are highly scalable systems ideal for cross-organizational content analysis and content repurposing. Actus next-generation solutions compliment any broadcast workflow, empowering operators with purpose-built tools for acquiring, viewing, analyzing and re-purposing transmissions from channels around the world. Their impressive customer list includes global media conglomerates among the likes of AirTel, FOX, SKY and Zee Networks. For more information, please visit:

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