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Quantel's Stereoscopic 3D upgrade

Among Quantel's many new product introductions here at NAB is the Stereoscopic 3D upgrade for Pablo. The option allows operators to view work in 3-D context as they are working on it. Previously, operators have had to rely on inaccurate preview modes or employ playout services to see the results of their work, which often led to imaging problems and production delays.

The Stereoscopic 3D solution can play out and process two streams of high-resolution media simultaneously without rendering. This enables stereo strength and convergence to be adjusted on-the-fly, allowing the operator to experiment interactively to achieve just the required stereo depth and impact on every shot. Colorimetry, sync, editorial and imaging errors are all instantly visible and easily fixed. The system can also operate in comparison mode, with views including 50/50 mix, left/right eye and difference map.

The solution was first introduced at IBC2007, and Quantel's Justine Barrett says that since then, 17 brand-new Pablo machines or the Stereoscopic 3D upgrades for Pablo have been purchased by post and DI houses. Barrett points to the success of the "Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert," a 3-D concert film compiled during two Hannah Montana concerts in Salt Lake City. It was shot in just two days, took eleven weeks to post and experienced one of the biggest opening weekend box offices, taking in $64 million to date.

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