TSL Professional Products Ltd., manufacturer of hardware and software audio monitoring, tally and power management products for the broadcast industry, is pleased to announce that the BBC will soon be taking delivery of over 40 of its PAM2 multi-channel audio monitoring units to provide standardized monitoring capabilities across its Olympic broadcast facility within the International Broadcast Centre (IBC). Forty-six PAM2 units, supplied by Dega Broadcast Systems, will sit across numerous operator positions in the temporary facility for the duration of the games, including the BBC's VT editing suites and playout desks, main MCR, three main TV galleries and the commentary line-up area.

“Our PAM2 audio monitoring units, which feature loudness-compliance monitoring and audio delay to match video latency, have the ability to monitor 16 embedded audio tracks simultaneously, decode Dolby E and provide viewing of associated metadata, making the PAM2 ideal as the standard monitor unit for the Olympics,” says Chris Exelby, managing director of TSL Professional Products Ltd. “The intuitive user interface is particularly important for this application where operators are brought together for a relatively short timeframe and need to understand and operate new equipment with minimal or no training. For a production as vast as the summer games, PAM2 will certainly provide a high degree of needed efficiency and confidence monitoring.”

Time and expense will be spared through deploying the PAM2, as manual configuration of individual audio monitoring requirements in each area need only happen once as the same pre-set can be applied and recalled to all other units automatically. Multiple pre-set recalls can also be assigned to 'hot' keys on the front of the PAM2 so that the monitoring mode can be switched at the push of a button. TSL Professional Products is also customizing the firmware and software within the PAM units specifically for the BBC's 2012 Olympic requirements, which will remove the need to install extra equipment such as additional audio monitoring hardware, mixers and outboard metering.

Beyond delivering content for BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 and BBC Radio, the facility within the IBC will also be producing, at peak, 24 simultaneous HD channels allowing viewers to watch every venue from first thing in the morning to the last thing at night. TSL Professional Products is proud to be a part of this important, history making event through the PAM2 Multi-Channel Audio Monitoring system.

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