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Echolab Overture™ MD Switchers to Support 3Gbps 1080p/60 Format

BILLERICA, Mass. — March 16, 2009 — Echolab Inc., a leading provider of professional video production switchers and broadcast tools, today announced that its Overture™ MD (multiformat) line of production switchers will support the 3Gbps 1080p/60 video format.

The Overture MD switcher's ability to accept and deliver signals in multiple formats — SD, 720p, 1080i, and 3Gbps 1080p/60 — enables it to fit seamlessly into almost any production operation. Internal analog-to-digital conversion and frame sync eliminates the need for external conversion devices, making production systems simpler, slashing investment and maintenance expenses, and reducing the risk of broadcast glitches.

The addition of 3Gbps 1080p/60 also demonstrates Echolab's commitment to offering an easy upgrade path for Overture, rendering it an almost future-proof device. By the same token, owners of existing Overture MD switchers can easily add 3Gbps 1080p/60 support.

"It's more common than not for a production facility to use a mix of formats," said Ankit Patel, Echolab senior product manager. "Designing the Overture switcher to support that mix is our way of providing customers the tools they need to make their lives easier and deliver sophisticated programming to their viewers. The addition of 3Gbps 1080p/60 support aligns with these goals because it enables our customers to deliver the highest-possible image quality in the context of a streamlined, cost-effective operation."

Echolab's Overture1™ (1 M/E) and Overture2™ (2 M/E) are sleek, ergonomically designed multidefinition video production systems with a comprehensive range of intuitive tools for producing high-quality programming with stunning effects.

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About Echolab, Inc.

Echolab, Inc. is a leading provider of video production switchers and related tools that offer flexibility and on-air reliability for the production and distribution of digital media in a variety of formats. With products including its flagship Overture1™ and Overture2™ video production systems, Echolab delivers the robust functionality, reliability, and ease-of-use critical to professional-quality productions. Since its founding in 1974, the company has delivered more than 6,000 production solutions to a global client base including major broadcast networks and stations, corporations, educational institutions, houses of worship, sports arenas, entertainment venues, and military facilities.