Omneon MediaDirector 2202 Raises the Bar for Broadcast Video Servers With Increased Capacity for Channel Count, Edit Seats, and File Transfers

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Sept. 10, 2009 — Omneon Inc. today introduced the next-generation MediaDirector 2202 for the Omneon Spectrum™ video server system, designed to meet the growing demand for greater numbers of SD and HD channels, more network file access bandwidth, and a greater number of edit seats used in fast-paced production environments. The MediaDirector 2202 significantly extends the Omneon Spectrum server by delivering nearly an order-of-magnitude increase in total system bandwidth, enabling many more simultaneous real-time channels, and setting industry-leading IP file access performance.

The MediaDirector 2202 supports the most demanding file-based workflows, where the number of high-bit-rate HD channels continues to increase and the amount of file transfer bandwidth grows exponentially. This new MediaDirector removes bottlenecks and allows customers to construct larger systems to meet much higher channel counts and file transfer requirements than ever before. Being able to consolidate broadcast operations into a single system simplifies workflows and reduces the management burden associated with complex environments.

For fast-paced production environments where time to air is critical, the new MediaDirector 2202 has the bandwidth to support ingest, edit, and playout all in the same format and from the same file system, eliminating transfer times and ensuring that content is ready for air as soon as production is completed. The additional IP bandwidth of the new MediaDirector ensures that multiple edit seats can work simultaneously while new material is ingested or finished clips are played to air.

"The Omneon Spectrum server has always been about scalability and extensibility, and we have continually driven innovations to enable broadcasters to deliver more content efficiently," said Geoff Stedman, Omneon senior vice president of marketing and business development. "The MediaDirector 2202 is more than just the next step; it's a leap that all at once gives broadcasters the network performance and channel counts they need in a single system, with room for more expansion in the future."

A single MediaDirector 2202 delivers up to 600 MB/s of IP bandwidth, which allows for a higher client seat count accessing a single storage pool and far more simultaneous high-speed file transfer operations. Far larger systems are also now possible. For example, a single MediaDirector 2202 will support 24 channels of 50 Mb MPEG-2 or 12 channels at 100 Mb, and multiple MediaDirectors can be combined in a single file system to deliver much higher channel counts. Four MediaDirectors linked together can deliver 96 channels of 50 Mb MPEG-2 or 48 channels at 100 Mb.

As another component in the modular Spectrum system architecture, the MediaDirector 2202 extends the same Smart Scalability™ attributes that have made Omneon the leading server platform. Existing 5000 series MediaPorts are directly supported, as are all current 4Gb Fibre Channel storage arrays. Up to 16 MediaPort connections can be made to a MediaDirector 2202 using a new Ethernet interconnect, with each MediaPort connection supporting two to three channels.

"This new MediaDirector is a major enhancement to our flagship Spectrum media server product line, adding the functionality and power needed not only for large playout operations, but also for today's fast-paced production environments," added Stedman. "As the Omneon platform is increasingly used to support file-based workflows in news, sports highlights, and studio production, it was important for us to extend our system capabilities to ensure that our Spectrum system delivers the highest productivity for our customers."

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