LYNX Technik AG® Yellobriks Enable Broadcast of 2009 IAAF World Championships in Athletics

LYNX Technik AG, provider of award-winning modular interface solutions for the broadcast and professional AV industries, announces that their newly launched line of Yellobrik fiber optic transmitters, receivers, and tranceivers aided in the transmission of the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics which were held in Berlin, Germany and broadcast to over 190 countries.

As host broadcasters, German television stations ARD and ZDF, the production company BERTA and Eurosport provided the television production for the national and international broadcasts to an estimated audience of about 4 billion people. ZDF and ARD provided HD signals worldwide as well as broadcasting throughout Germany in HD. The IAAF Championships marked the first HD transmission by ZDF and ARD.

TopVision, Germany’s leading TV production company was in charge of BERTA and provided the host broadcasters with the world feeds as well as an additional five ISO feeds to 178 TV stations around the world. TopVision’s HD OB Vans are a familiar sight at Germany’s largest sports event and are employed on a number of high-profile national and international assignments.

TopVision used the Yellobrik fiber optic modules to transmit up to 48 HD-SDI signals from their OB Van to the main control room in the IBC, where the signals were fed out to the international audience. The Yellobrik 3G, HD-SDI fiber optic transmitters, receives, and tranceivers were chosen by TopVision because of their fault-tolerant high performance quality.

“During these types of international sporting events, technology and product reliability is absolutely imperative,” comments Eduard Palasan, COO, TopVision Telekommunikation GmbH. “We always aim to offer innovative HD broadcasting solutions, and the Yellobrik fiber modules are well suited due to their high quality, forward thinking feature-set, compact size, and ease of use.”

“Distance limitations of HD signals over copper are restrictive,” states Winfried Deckelmann, CEO of LYNX Technik AG. “Our new Yellobriks overcome the distance limitations and allow the transmission and reception of pristine uncompressed HD-SDI video, including full 1080/60p signals, up to 10Km (6.2 miles). They can be easily connected to any product with HD-SDI inputs and outputs.”

About Yellobrik “brick-style” Interface Products:

Yellobrik series is a new range of standalone modular "brick" style interface products for broadcast and professional use. They are compact, simple to understand, and easy to use. All information needed is printed right on the module and all controls and settings are always easily accessible (no manuals needed). Each yellobrik includes the power supply, mounting brackets and comes in a custom plastic case for transport and storage.

Yellobrik products include:

- SPG 1707 - HD / SD Sync Pulse Generator with Genlock

- DVD 1806 - 3GHz 1>6 Reclocking SDI Distribution Amplifier

- OTX 1810 - 3GHz SDI to Fiber Optic Transmitter

- ORX 1800 - 3GHz Fiber Optic to SDI Receiver

- OTR 1810 - 3GHz Fiber Optic / SDI Transceiver