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German-based IP Broadcast Pioneer Dimetis Exhibits at NAB 2011

Experience Tomorrow’s Solutions for Broadcasters, Today

Dietzenbach, March 25th 2010 - Dimetis GmbH, the German-based software supplier providing standards-based and customized Broadcast OSS and Telecom NGOSS solutions to world-class Telecommunication, Media and Broadcast Carriers in Europe and North America, showcases BOSS Platform®-solutions for webstreaming in heterogeneous networks at this year’s NAB.

Dimetis BOSS Platform® provides total umbrella-management and network optimization supporting legacy to next generation converged media services, especially Mobile and IPTV. Dimetis COO Dr. Shahin Arefzadeh: “At Dimetis we believe broadcast networks and their respective processes can be managed more efficiently than the current control systems that handle them now.”

The standards-based, equipment-agnostic and vendor-independent Dimetis software solutions bridge the gap between the broadcast and telecom networks by adapting broadcast best practices into newly designed SW based on telco standards supporting all equipment types and applications from broadcast studios to customer premises. Dr. Arefzadeh: “While others think they can hook into existing network management systems, we actually manage day-to-day operations and services of world class customers. Every day.”

The product portfolio provides a comprehensive “end-to-end” scalable solution, lowering OPEX and CAPEX and enabling broadcasters, broadcast carriers and media companies to configure, manage, monitor and control equipment, facilities and networks, create, deploy, manage and maintain the services on these networks and provide business information necessary to ensure customers delight. Dr. Arefzadeh: “Everything we have developed in the last 25 years in network management comes down to a simple finger touch. That’s all you need to make your content move.”

Dimetis BOSS Platform® offers all the leading-edge features required to efficiently operate broadcast networks and services and to perfectly anticipate and fulfill customer’s needs such as roll-out new services i.e. HD, 3D faster, ability to scale with customers growth, get data in-synch with dynamic changes of networks, get users and staff trained very fast, be integrated into current and future method of operations, handle all resources and services within a network and beyond.

About Dimetis GmbH - Dimetis GmbH, headquartered in Dietzenbach, Germany, with offices in United States and EMEA is a leading software supplier providing standards-based and customized Broadcast OSS and Telecom NGOSS solutions. Dimetis GmbH software products are used by many of the world’s largest broadcasters, telecommunication providers, and media carriers. ( &

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