wTVision on-air graphics solutions at NAB 2011

wTVision will be displaying 3 stations from 3 distinct on-air graphics solutions on the company’s booth (SL8006), on NAB 2011. There will be also a showreel station with several projects the company worked on across the globe.

Station 1

Presentations will take place describing the full range of functionalities available with Channel Maker, an automation and playout system designed to manage 24/7 TV channels. This software may also include a powerful advertising management tool to automate advertising insertion on existing channels.

Station 2

Studio CG, on-air graphics playout software for newscast format shows, is debuting on this year's NAB edition, allowing the visitors to see first-hand wTVision's newest turn-key product. Studio is specially suited to news, financial and sports studio solution, providing on-air graphics features such as tickers, lower-thirds, over-the-shoulders, among others, giving the clients total control through a user-friendly interface.

Station 3

wTVision's booth will feature sports exhibitions with the company’s 3D stereoscopic on-air graphics to visitors, with a special focus on Soccer, Basketball and American Football. wTVision provides full solutions for sports, from data scouting to on-air graphics playout, tailored to each sport.

wTVision is one of the main real-time on-air graphics players providing on-air graphics solutions to the broadcast industry. The company’s areas of activity are Sports, Elections, Playout Automation Systems, Digital Signage, Entertainment, Studio Programs and Virtual Solutions, working closely with Broadcasters, TV Channels and Production Companies to provide premium quality solutions.

For more information go to www.wtvision.com or send an email marketing@wtvision.com with your questions.