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Samsung to launch 3-D VOD service in Korea

Samsung’s home country, Korea, has gotten the go-ahead for a 3-D VOD service. In a content partnership with DreamWorks Animation, the service will begin with movie trailers, music videos and children’s educational films including shows on teaching English and classic fairy tales. This will be followed by full-length feature films.

The new on-demand media will be accessible via the 3-D application on Samsung’s Smart TV platform. The platform has an app store that allows users to download and install applications to select 3-D content. Though the service will eventually be available globally, Samsung said the United States and Europe are next.

It will be interesting to see how much 3-D content Samsung can supply to the new service. Among the many reasons the BBC decided against fully embracing 3-D is the lack of a constant source of 3-D material to make the platform viable. If Samsung is successful, the move could help ease those worries.

The announcement was made on Samsung’s Korean website and said the company plans to launch the service during the first half of 2011.