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Ravi Jakhotia Relies On HARMAN’s JBL LSR4300 Series Studio Monitors

NORTHRIDGE, California – From international performances and private celebrity birthday parties, to composing and recording tracks for network television shows and his own records, renowned DJ, drummer and producer Ravi Jakhotia, aka DJ RAVIDRUMS, is busy on top broadcast and music projects. Jakhotia relies on HARMAN’s JBL LSR4300 series studio monitors to ensure his projects hit their mark when heard on a wide range of playback systems.

Ravi’s impressive list of credits includes projects with Britney Spears, Bono, Lil Jon and Pit Bull and birthday bashes for Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Jamie Foxx. He’s performed on numerous television broadcasts including NBC’s Howie Do It, commercials for Major League Baseball, and has given international performances in Beijing, Rio, Norway, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Istanbul. Throughout his career, Ravi is producing dramatic background scores for television shows, and high-energy tracks for shows such as Paula Abdul’s Live To Dance on CBS. “With every project, I need be confident in my mixes. I make sure they sound great in my studio through my JBL studio monitors before I send them out. My LSR4300’s are workhorses,” Jakhotia continued. “The entire musical weight of my shows and albums rests on my shoulders and my JBL LSR’s.”

Prior to a demanding broadcast project, Ravi picked up a set of JBL LSR4328P studio monitors and LSR4312SP subwoofer. Working on his latest project – a high-energy electronic dance album, Jakhotia said, “My LSR4300 studio monitors let me hear all the detail of the entire track. When I’m mixing a track in my studio I’m confident the mix will sound great in a 6,000-person club.” In addition to providing accurate frequency response and high output, the LSR4300 series studio monitors include RMC™ Room Mode Correction that measures response at the mix position and compensates for low frequency inaccuracies in the room. “The room-tuning capability ensures a mix that works for me in the studio will sound the same everywhere else.”

While recording for Live to Dance, DJ RAVIDRUMS also deployed a set of stereo HARMAN AKG 414 XLS microphones, a D112, C 518 M’s and a pair of AKG K 181 headphones on the drums. “There was a wide variety of music, and we wanted to make sure contestants and viewers heard great sound,” Jakhotia said. “We used the 414’s on nearly every instrument, with the D112 on the kick drums. Everything sounded fantastic using AKG mics and mixing the tracks on JBL LSR4300 studio monitors.”

“If you want to win the race, you need a top-of-the-line, fast car,” Jakhotia concluded. “HARMAN has put me in the lead and I have no intention of stopping!”

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