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LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., Sept. 6, 2007 - Canon will exhibit a wide variety of high-definition lenses and imaging solutions at IBC 2007, the International Broadcasting Conference, in Amsterdam, Holland from September 7 to 11 at the RAI Convention Center . New products include the wide DIGISUPER 27 HD studio lens (model XJ27x6.5B IE-D) and the BU-40H remote-control robotic pan-tilt HD camera system with genlock input and HD-SDI/SD-SDI video output. See Canon‘s wide selection of HD lenses at IBC 2007 in Stand No. 11.431.

“Canon‘s IBC exhibit will include products introduced at this year‘s NAB show, but new to this major European equipment show,” stated Gordon Tubbs, director, Broadcast and Communications division, Canon U.S.A. “These products include Canon‘s new HDgc line of cost-effective portable lenses for the new generation of lower-cost HD ENG camcorders. We are also showcasing HDgc models for all leading camera-imager sizes: 1/2-inch, 2/3-inch, and 1/3-inch. Also new to the IBC audience are Canon‘s DIGISUPER 100AF and DIGISUPER 86AF long-field Autofocus zoom lenses demonstrating the breadth of our product offerings for the broadcast market.”

Sixteen different models comprise Canon‘s HDgc line, with three tiers of quality: the higher-end eDrive Series, the middle-range Economical Series, and the basic Remote-Control Series. Nine of these HDgc lenses were introduced at NAB 2007. The higher-end eDrive Series of HDgc lenses include three new models - the KJ16ex7.7B IRSE, KJ21ex7.6B IRSE, and KJ10ex4.5B IRSE lenses - which are designed for cameras with 2/3-inch imagers. All three of these lenses feature a built-in 2x extender and Canon‘s digital eDrive feature, which enables users to easily program such functions as zoom and focus settings into the lens for precise, automated repeatability. The three new additional HDgc lenses that comprise the Economical Series include the KJ13x6B KRS (for 2/3"), KH13x4.5 KRS (for 1/2"), and the KT20x5B KRS lenses (for 1/3"). The third category of new HDgc lenses is the Remote-Control Series. New lenses in this category consist of the KJ20x8.5B KTS (for 2/3"), KH20x6.4 KTS (for 1/2"), and KT20x5B KTS lenses (for 1/3").

Also introduced at this year‘s NAB, but new to IBC, are the DIGISUPER 100AF and DIGISUPER 86AF (model numbers XJ100x9.3B AF and XJ86x9.3B AF, respectively), which feature sophisticated Autofocus capabilities based on Canon‘s proprietary HD implementation of Through-the-Lens Secondary Image Registration Phase Detection Method technology. Both lenses are designed to assist camera operators in achieving shots that are always in exact focus, even in challenging situations. The Canon DIGISUPER 100AF and DIGISUPER 86AF lenses create an operator-controllable window in the HD camera‘s viewfinder that targets the object operators want to focus on most sharply in the scene. Camera operators can change the window‘s position and size by means of a miniature joystick on the camera handle‘s focus servo control. Three auto-focus modes are included (Part-Time, Full-Time and Off). The Canon DIGISUPER 100AF and DIGISUPER 86AF are designed to assist camera operators so they can concentrate on applying their full attention to the creative aspects of framing HD images and following the action they are shooting.

In addition to these new HDgc and DIGISUPER 100AF and DIGISUPER 86AF lenses, Canon‘s full line of HDxs long-field zoom lenses, HDxs studio lenses, eHDxs and HDxs ENG/EFP portable lenses, and HD-EC prime and zoom lenses for digital cinematography will also be exhibited at IBC 2007.

Along with the DIGISUPER 100AF and DIGISUPER 86AF, Canon‘s line of HDxs long-field zoom lenses also include the DIGISUPER 100xs (the world‘s first triple-digit lens of its kind), DIGISUPER 86xs, and DIGISUPER 75xs, all of which are widely used in sports production. All also feature Canon‘s exclusive Optical Shift Image Stabilizer (“Shift-IS”) technology for rock-solid images at telephoto distances.

Canon‘s IBC exhibit will feature information on its exclusive technology collaboration with Vinten, a leading manufacturer of tripods, pedestals, pan-tilt heads, camera robotics, and other innovative camera-support solutions. The Canon-Vinten collaboration integrates the advanced capabilities of Canon‘s Shift-IS lens technology with the high-resolution optical encoders built into Vinten‘s new Vector 950 Active pan-tilt heads. The special encoders in the Vector 950 Active provide output that is fully compatible with the Canon HD lenses. The result is the elimination of any trace of lag after fast pan or tilt shots - a great advantage in the production of fast-paced HDTV sporting and entertainment events

Canon‘s line of HD studio lenses also includes the industry‘s first-ever Compact Studio Lens, the DIGISUPER 22xs (model XJ22x7.3BIE-D), which provides the superior HD optical performance of a large “box-style” HD lens in an extremely compact (13.4 lb.) design appropriate to portable HD cameras configured for studio use. Other Canon HDxs studio lenses include the DIGISUPER 25xs (XJ25x6.8BIE-D) and the cost-effective DIGISUPER 23xs lens (XJ23x7B IE-D).

Canon‘s eHDxs portable lenses include eight models for HD ENG and/or EFP production. These include: the HJ17ex7.6B, a lightweight zoom lens; the HJ17ex7.7B, which is widely used for high-end HD field production; the HJ11ex4.7B, which is the widest angle of view portable HD production lens offered by Canon; the Telephoto HJ22ex7.6B; the HJ21ex7.5B, which is a lens specially designed not to breathe for EFP and studio applications; the HJ18ex28B Super Telephoto HD lens with a focal-length range of 28 to 500mm (1000mm with built-in 2X extender); and the HJ40x Telephoto series of lenses. All but the HJ40x Telephoto series feature Canon‘s exclusive eDrive technology, which (as referenced earlier) enables users to preset zoom, focus and iris settings, if desired.

Canon‘s HD-EC (High-Definition Electronic Cinematography) prime and zoom lenses for digital cinematography include the HJ8x5.5B, HJ11x4.7B, and HJ21x7.5B zooms and six prime lenses ranging from 5mm to 55mm. All Canon HD-EC lenses feature traditional film-style lens feel and operation, which includes large, dual, luminous scales for focus (marked in feet) and iris, as well as precise mechanics and a defined control of torque with no backlash. Also part of Canon‘s HD-EC line is the innovative ACV-235 Anamorphic Converter, which captures very wide aspect ratio (2.35:1) images with all available 2/3-inch 24P digital HD cameras.

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