International Satellite-Industry Forum to take aim at interference

Satellite interference, which each year causes millions of dollars in losses to the satellite industry, will be in the crosshairs of industry professionals at this year’s International Satellite-Industry Forum, Sept. 8 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Amsterdam.

With the theme “Interference – The Counter-Offensive,” the forum is will explore the efforts of broadcasters and satellite industry leaders as they have collaborated to combat satellite interference worldwide.

Organized by the Global VSAT Forum and the Satellite Interference Reduction Group with the assistance of the Radio Frequency Interference End Users Initiative, the World Broadcasting Unions’ International Satellite Operations Group, the daylong event will include leading users, satellite operators, manufacturers and other experts focused on steps that should be taken to reduce interference.

Agenda items include:

• The broadcaster perspective: progress, plans and requirements offering a report on interference mitigation efforts around the world and future steps to ensure higher standards of quality for systems, performance and service.

• Addressing the interference challenges and their solutions providing an update on the progress being made to address the main types of satellite interference.

• The operators’ game plan giving a progress report on steps operators are taking, such as including carrier identification in transmissions and training.

• Stopping interference now: pro-active and re-active solutions- roundtable discussion focusing on training and certification, best practices, product quality assurance, data sharing and carrier ID.

No fee will be charged to attend the forum, but registration is limited.