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Sisvel Technology’s Giovanni Ballocca to discuss 3-D Tile Format at IBC2011

Giovanni Ballocca, digital television project manager at Sisvel Technology, will deliver a technical presentation of the company's 3-D Tile Format at IBC2011's Connected World on Sept. 11.

Ballocca will describe the 3-D Tile Format and discuss its use by Italian broadcasters Quartarete and Città Digitali and by Astra through a satellite positioned at 19.2 degrees East.

Sisvel Technology's 3-D Tile Format is a technology that offers several advantages. Formatting stereoscopic images by integrating two 720p frames within a single 1080p frame, the 3-D Tile Format provides better quality images for 3-D content and maintains backward compatibility, allowing viewers not equipped for 3-D, with full HDTV sets, to view the transmission in 2-D.

The reconstructed right and left images maintain their original 720p spatial and temporal resolution, giving viewers of both versions the full benefit of the original picture, and the transmission of both 2-D and 3-D can be achieved without the need for increased bandwidth.

See Sisvel Technology at IBC2011 Stand 13.106.