Wohler’s acquisition of RadiantGrid paves way for expansion into file-based media processing and delivery

Wohler Technologies has acquired the assets and technology of RadiantGrid Technologies, a Redmond, Wash.-based developer of transcoding, transformation and new media automation service platforms. No financial details were provided.

The RadiantGrid software platform has built-in intelligence that automates the entire workflow for managing file-based ingest, preparation and distribution of digital media content. Uniting Wohler’s modular monitoring and processing solutions with RadiantGrid’s advanced parallel processing technology, the acquisition will enable the two companies to streamline IT-centric workflows with a full range of video, audio, data and QC solutions that support broadcasters’ rapidly evolving needs.

“Our customers are increasingly making the move to more IT-centric infrastructures and looking to file-based solutions as a way to realize increased efficiency and profitability,” said Carl J. Dempsey, president and CEO of Wohler Technologies. “We have assembled engineering talent to develop our own file-based solutions, and the strategic acquisition of RadiantGrid—and the company’s exceptional technology and talent—expands and accelerates that program.”

While there are many solutions dedicated to tasks such as transcoding and content management, Wohler and RadiantGrid technologies have the potential to move beyond stand-alone tools and solutions, whether file-based or hardware-based. The integration of their technologies enables Wohler and RadiantGrid to provide a fully integrated solution for managing content across the value chain.

By building intelligence into their systems and processes, Wohler and RadiantGrid free up operators for other tasks while increasing the speed and efficiency with which content can be processed for delivery. Intelligent grid processing and transcoding offers scalable, faster-than-real-time processing speeds, which can be fully automated to save both time and money.