Class on Demand Partners With eyeon Software For Fusion 6 Training

Digital effects guru David Lombardi delivers expert instruction on creating dazzling high-end visual effects from the latest in Fusion 6 computing technology

Hoffman Estates, IL – February 23, 2010 - Class on Demand™, a provider of professional educational products for creative markets, announced that “Complete Training for eyeon Fusion™ 6” is now available for pre-order. eyeon Software’s Fusion compositing application has emerged as a leader in innovation, encompassing over 21-years of rich architectural development. Named the “tool of choice” by top postproduction facilities around the globe, its high-end visual effects have been used in thousands of feature length motion pictures, including the recently released Oscar®-nominated film, Avatar. Stunning new features within the latest Fusion 6 upgrade include improved production quality and performance, user interface enhancements, GPU shading capabilities, and a stereoscopic and multi-layer imaging system. A part of eyeon’s SoftWare Artist Training (SWAT) program initiative, “Complete Training for eyeon Fusion 6” provides users with expert instruction from Emmy®-nominated digital effects artist and guru David Lombardi to ensure that every eyeon artist remains up-to-speed on Fusion’s latest software developments.

“eyeon is pleased to partner our SWAT initiative with Class on Demand to develop the most up-to-date Fusion training,” says Susan Samonig, Client Relations Manager, eyeon Software. “We believe it is essential that artists are trained so they can rise to the top of their field and excel in the industry. With the superior tutelage of David Lombardi, this release will ensure that transitioning artists have the tools they need to surpass industry expectations.”

“eyeon Software’s Fusion encompasses decades of architectural development and its timely releases continue to reinforce its reputation as one of the most popular tools for high-end visual effects across multiple platforms,” says Paul Holtz, Founder and CEO, Class on Demand. “David Lombardi’s real-world expertise in working with high-profile television shows and feature length films will undoubtedly help compositing artists harness the amazing capabilities and enhancements of Fusion 6. We look forward to working with eyeon Software on their future developments by keeping users up-to-speed on their technology advancements.”

“Complete Training for eyeon Fusion 6” helps both transitioning artists and existing users quickly acclimate to the powerful, high-end compositing application. The 3-hour training is broken down into 9 logical segments, covering Fusion 6 capabilities ranging from interface and basics to keying, particle generation, and 3D composition. The Class on Demand training methodology provides a modular approach to learning the ins-and-outs of Fusion 6’s tremendous new architecture, giving users of all levels the option to pick and choose the components they want to focus on.

For a comprehensive sampling of Class on Demand��s “Complete Training for eyeon Fusion 6,” including Fusion Basics, 3D Basics, and Product Overview, please visit:

Pricing and Availability

The new Class on Demand training for eyeon’s Fusion 6 is priced at $129.95 USMSRP and is available to pre-order as a DVD from Class on Demand (

About Instructor David Lombardi

David Lombardi originally studied Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati, giving him a broad base and understanding of practical aspects of the creative process. After school he moved to California and began work in the digital effects industry just at the beginning of the “boutique” boom of the mid 90’s. These smaller companies were a new concept in the entertainment industry and required artists to take on more extensive rolls for projects. This foundation gave him knowledge of all aspects of CG effects work. During his 5-year stint working in television, he led his team to 2 Emmy-nominations working on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", and "Star Trek: Voyager" as well as contribution for a win on "Enterprise." He moved on to commercial work for clients such as Sony®, SFR, Untied Airlines, Jeep®, Honda, Nissan, and British Telecom.

Fortunately, his position as a Digital Effects Supervisor at the postproduction house known as The Syndicate gave him opportunities to work with the parent company’s film division, Cafe FX. During that time he helped create effects for films such as Gothika, Peter Pan, Master and Commander, Sin City, and Underworld 2.

About eyeon Software Inc.

eyeon Software Inc. develops applications for the VFX and postproduction communities. eyeon products include Fusion, an award-winning compositing application used on thousands of feature film and broadcast projects over the past 21 years; Rotation®, a rotoscoping system and Vision®, a suite of tools designed for broadcast. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach to postproduction workflows, eyeon Software introduced Generation® in 2008, providing an integrated facility-wide system for artist collaboration and visual shot management. Fusion artists have contributed significant work to recent box office successes such as Avatar, 2012, New Moon, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, G.I. Joe, X-Men Origins, Twilight, Tropic Thunder, Iron Man, Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D, 300, Spiderman 3, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Happy Feet, Sin City, and many others. Please visit for more information.

About Class on Demand

Class on Demand is a leading producer of education and training programs. Its products and services address the needs of individuals, professionals and corporate training. Current programs cover a broad spectrum of content including video capture and editing, computer animation, federally mandated training, IT, customized corporate training and vocational education. Please visit for additional information.

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