Qube Cinema unveils QubeMaster Xpress 2

At IBC2011, Qube Cinema introduced QubeMaster Xpress 2, a digital cinema system supporting mastering DCI-compliant Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) on Windows-based machines.

QubeMaster Xpress 2 makes cost-effective digital cinema available to a wider circle of filmmakers, post-production facilities and pre-show content creators.

QubeMaster Xpress 2 offers users an attractive, uncluttered graphical interface whereby DCP mastering is completed in three simple steps. First, the source material is collected. In the second step, the aspect ratio is set, including cropping and resizing. This can be helpful, for example, for matching up content from different sources with differing dimensions and resolutions.

Finally, the user selects output settings for the DCP. QubeMaster Xpress 2 then renders the material, using the same powerful transcoding engine as QubeMaster Pro, Qube Cinema's full-featured digital cinema application.