Javeriana University allies with VSN for the deployment of Centro Ático

The state-of-the-art educational media production system, Centro Ático, integrates the best and latest multiplatform technology.

The Pontificia Javeriana University in Bogotá (Colombia) has recently opened its new Centro Ático center, a promoter of research on media projects and an educational and practicum center for the new TV broadcasting professionals in Colombia and the rest of the world. Centro Ático implements one of the latest media technology systems for learning development in the areas of image, sound and design. The Pontificia Javeriana University trusted VSN in order to ensure a perfect integration of the entire system, which, aimed to promote the students' creativity concerning media production, must be ready to work in multiplatform environments, different HD video formats and various sources (professional cameras, cell phones, internet, etc.) More than 1,000 students will be using this infrastructure on a daily basis.

The Spanish manufacturer's media asset management solution is the key of the project; a solution which was completely customized and adapted to meet Centro Ático's requirements. VSN's MAM will be the integration nexus of all production and post-production systems from different manufacturers (Autodesk Smoke, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Pro-tools, etc.).The infrastructure is ready to support more than 450 clients in a collaborative work environment, multiplatform (Windows/Mac OS) and managed through a credentials system for students' log-on. The main working format is XDCAM HD 50Mbps. Built on a gigabit ethernet mixed infrastructure, the core of the system is a high-performance data storage unit of more than 60TB from DataDirect Networks, partnering VSN in this project, which guarantees the required bandwidth in an installation with such dimensions and complexity. The other subsystems will communicate with DDN for global access to contents.

The MAM supplied by VSN is the result of the R&D project called Spider, absolutely necessary to meet all workflow customization specific needs, hierarchical permission systems, multiformat environment and ability to integrate with the systems of all the manufacturers involved. This solution guarantees Centro Ático the scalability and possibility to add other solutions to the infrastructure in the future. The contract also includes the installation of a complete news production system vsnnewsfor the students' practicum in a real environment. This solution is the same several TV stations in the region are employing to produce their live shows.

Concerning technology selection, César Tulio Ossa, Director of Centro Ático, emphasized: "VSN has been the only provider able to face the complex requisites of the project, guaranteeing a complete integration of the different systems involved while maintaining the robustness and reliability of the technical deployment at a reasonable cost." VSN also supplies the project with a long list of references in educational centers. UNIACC in Chile, East Coast Media in the United Kingdom, the universities of Seville, Burgos and Camilo José Cela in Spain and the Porto Institute of Technology in Portugal, among others, are using VSN solutions for media content management and media production.