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V4x Showcases Live Interactivity and OnAir Widgets @ NAB 2009

V4x Showcases Live Interactivity and OnAir Widgets @ NAB 2009“Interactive Surround” for video with Graphics, Chats, Quizzes, Polls to attract viewers for live shows on WEB and Mobile.

New York, USA — March 27, 2009 — V4x Interactive Factory will display its unique toolset and platform for transforming video content into cross-media, personal interactive experiences at NAB 2009 held in Las Vegas from April 20-23, 2009. V4x will provide one-on-one demonstrations of its richmedia interactivity in the Commerce Pavilion in the Central Hall at the NAB Convention Center on pod C150 H.

V4x includes a range of authoring tools, multi-platform delivery capability and back-office platform integration that allows content producers to engage viewers in innovative richmedia interactive media-players that improve viewer experiences and revenue opportunities. Interactive elements such as voting, chatting with other fans while watching a game or a reality-TV show, buying tickets or music tracks during a live concert, watching highlights and statistics, or betting, for live sport events can all be incorporated into your content offerings with the V4x platform.

V4x enables the cross-media delivery to all type of connected devices, such as Adobe Flash-enabled PC and Mobile devices, Apple iPhone and Blackberry Smartphone, Mobile Broadcast TV ATSC M-H / DVB-H and Mobile video 3G services.

OnAir Widgets for Web & Mobile

With V4x OnAir Widgets, it takes just a few clicks to create and place interactive layers over and around the video content, making it easy to feature interactive graphics, chats, quizzes, polls that synch with specific elements in live shows viewed on the Web and on mobile device. V4x helps create a multimedia “interactive surround” for your video content that sustains interest and generates revenue.

Watch and Chat Live with V4x Live Director

V4x Live Director toolset enables moderating live chats to preserve and extend brand recognition with easy-to-use dashboards for monitoring chat rooms, quizzes and votes. Particularly suited to live streaming, these specially designed tools encourage participation and engagement in moderated forums.

Extend your audience with Facebook Connect

Social networking is a growing exponentially and V4x Facebook Connect integration leverages that viral networking opportunity to your content. With V4x Facebook Connect all it takes is a single click for your viewers to seamlessly bring their friends in “Facebook” to join the interactivity on your site.

Monetization platform

V4x offers new transaction monetization opportunities such as click-and-buy ads, sponsored links to e-commerce sites, or one-click Premium SMS games. V4x transaction hub offers built-in connectors to ad servers, mobile service gateways, CRM, CMS and other services, offering to content providers a unique platform for monetization.

About V4x

V4x is the innovative software developer of the V4x Interactive Factory Platform, which enables content producers, telecom operators and services providers, to create, manage and deliver compelling, synchronized contextual interactivity for video. The V4x Interactive Factory provides a set of authoring tools and the back office infrastructure for delivering video channels and interactive services to multiple platforms such as Adobe’s Flash, Air and Flashlite, Apple iPhone and Blackberry Smartphones, Mobile Broadcast TV and Mobile Video 3G services.

V4x customers include telecom operators such as Orange FT and Portugal Telecom, entertainment groups such Luc Besson’s film production company EuropaCorp and Partouche Casinos, and media companies such M6 WEB and Radio Suisse Romande.

V4x has won several other awards including "Concours National Création d'Entreprises - Ministère de la Recherche"in 2006 and the TV Technology’s NAB 2007 STAR award. In 2008 V4x was selected as a participant in the prestigious Orange FT Start-Up Program. In 2009, V4x Wins Honors at LeMobile 2.0. V4x is a member of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and the Mobile Digital Television / Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC).

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