ScheduALL ERM Appliance Makes European Debut at IBC2009, Ready for Purchase

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — Sept. 11, 2009 — ScheduALL today announced the availability of its ERM appliance for purchase to European markets. This highly anticipated solution enables differing ScheduALL systems within the corporate network to cross communicate, view, and book resources from other ScheduALL systems, creating even greater resource utilization across all facilities within the enterprise.

"Our ERM appliance is a truly powerful tool for enterprise-wide collaboration and connectivity," said Joel Ledlow, ScheduALL CEO. "We received exceptional feedback at NAB and are pleased to bring this capability to our European markets during IBC. Today, ScheduALL users can view and book remote resources to manage projects more effectively, allocating the optimal combination of personnel, facilities, and equipment to the right project for the right margin in real time."

While every facility in an enterprise can continue to run its own P&L operation with its existing resource pool, ScheduALL's ERM appliance gives each site access to additional resources treated as "opt in" anywhere within the corporate network, in turn enhancing collaborative work across the company, driving better utilization of assets, and improving ROI.

Each facility can publish available resources to other ScheduALL systems across the enterprise network without relinquishing ownership and control of those resources. This real-time reallocation of resources is based on availability, capacity, skill set, and resource cost, all of which impact margin and the time it takes to deliver a project. This capability makes it easy to put idle resources to work in areas where they may be currently underutilized or enable a facility that is overcapacity to take on additional work. The ScheduALL appliance also provides a means of crafting spheres of expertise, based upon job function or task, to leverage the best ROI by location and project. As an example, ScheduALL's ERM appliance allows for delegating certain tasks to markets where there are specific experience or labor rate advantages. The entire project is still managed by the "project sponsor" but because the content is digital, the work can now occur anywhere in the world.

ScheduALL's ERM appliance further enhances profitability by supporting centralized billing and comprehensive financial reporting, thereby reducing overhead costs and streamlining the coordination and execution of tasks within a project. Rather than rely on e-mail exchanges, follow-up phone calls, and spreadsheets, ScheduALL users — regardless of their location — can review, assign, track, and report on resources in real time. One-time project creation eliminates redundant data entry and enables use of a single work order enterprise-wide to manage and direct completion of the project.

"File-based workflows have made the creation and distribution of content that much more dynamic and ScheduALL's ability to overcome resource management constraints by mitigating geographic limitations, differing time zones, varying skill sets, and/or local capacity levels, is a real sea change in how the industry manages its operation," added Ledlow. "The ScheduALL ERM appliance frees businesses to realize a higher level of cooperation in delivering quality products and services in a timely manner. With continuous visibility into the current status of projects and availability of resources anywhere within the enterprise, businesses taking advantage of our ERM appliance can be more proactive in maintaining their overall productivity and profitability."

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