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Digital Matrix Intercom to Help Provincial Broadcaster in China Improve Communications

NANNING, CHINA - Clear-Com, a global leader in mission-critical voice communication systems, is pleased to announce a major sale to China's Guangxi TV, a government-owned television station located in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi province. The broadcaster has taken delivery of two Eclipse PiCo digital matrix intercom systems with nine V-Series panels, one Tempest2400 digital wireless base station with five wireless BeltStations, and VoICE 2.0 and SoFT-VoICE software. With help from Clear-Com dealer Beijing Century Sage Scientific System, Ltd. (CSS), which facilitated the deal and implementation, the Clear-Com systems are now installed and operational at Guangxi TV.

The provincial station, which handles around-the-clock programming on six different local channels and one satellite channel, was in dire need of an upgrade to its intercom system that would better suit its communication needs between its five production studios and master control room. Prior to purchasing the Eclipse PiCo systems, Guangxi TV was relying on other partyline products to get the job done; however, the station required a system that could offer multiple connections and additional mobility.

Clear-Com's Eclipse PiCo, designed for small-to-mid-size production facilities, along with the V-Series panels, gives employees spread throughout the Guangxi complex fast, easy access to consistently reliable communications. The four-channel Tempest2400 base station, equipped with five 2.4GHz 4-channel BeltStations for on-the-go mobility, has the reputation of being one of the most reliable wireless intercoms thanks to its capabilities of transmitting audio in even the toughest of RF environments, a challenge all broadcasters face around the world. Plus, having the wireless BeltStations will provide additional flexibility and mobility for staff members moving between the multiple studios and departments.

"Our viewers rely on us to deliver to them news and entertainment on a daily basis," says Mao Zheng, Director of Guangxi TV's Production Centre. "The success of Guangxi TV relies on seamless communication between its multiple studios, especially during live broadcasts. Clear-Com's intercom systems have an excellent reputation in China. We were impressed with how well the systems improved communications at other television stations and wanted the same for ours." The Eclipse PiCo system is equipped with 36 full-duplex panel/4-wire ports in a compact 1RU form, which will give the broadcaster the dependable, high-quality full-duplex communication it needs. In addition, Guangxi's employees will be able to keep in contact with one another wherever they are in the complex using several Clear-Com V-Series panels. "While the Eclipse PiCo is the most compact of Clear-Com's line of digital matrix intercom systems, it certainly packs in a lot of power," says Jerry Du, Sales Manager for China, Clear-Com."Having a system the station knows it can rely on will help ease some of the daily stresses Guangxi TV faces in order to meet its strenuous deadlines. We are proud to provide such a prominent broadcaster with the equipment it needs to continue its success." About Clear-Com Clear-Com, an HME company, is the global leader in mission-critical voice communication systems for professional productions. Since 1968, Clear-Com developed and marketed a comprehensive range of analog, digital and IP-based wired and wireless intercom technologies for party-line and point-to-point communications. Recognized for our legacy of intercom innovations, production teams around the world have come to depend on Clear-Com for clear, reliable and scalable communication solutions. More information about Clear-Com can be found at About HM Electronics, Inc. (HME) A privately held company founded in 1971, HME has continued to be a leading provider of innovative technology focused on enhancing productivity and customer service for multiple markets including pro audio, sports, and restaurants. HME developed the first wireless intercom system for pro audio and continues to introduce exciting, cutting-edge wireless intercoms that enhance communications, increase productivity and facilitate creativity for virtually any application. HME's comprehensive line of wireless intercoms - including the award winning PRO850 UHF and DX Series Digital Intercoms - are designed with the user in mind. In addition to pioneering the first wireless intercom for the pro audio industry, HME was the first to develop the wireless headset system for the drive-thru quick service restaurant market. More information can be found at