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RTW Supplies a Customised Version of Its SurroundMonitor 10600 to BSkyB in the United Kingdom

AMSTERDAM ― September 12th 2008 ― RTW, one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality instruments for the visualisation of audio signals, has been commissioned by BSkyB, through dealer Audio & Design, to supply a modified, customer-specific version of the SurroundMonitor 10600 for its production and broadcasting studios in London.

RTW’s SurroundMonitor 10600 is an efficient, budget-friendly system for monitoring digital stereo, multi-channel, and surround audio signals. Featuring an integrated Surround Sound Analyzer, the current model has an integrated loudness display in compliance with the ITU guideline BS.1771 for stereo and 5.1 surround operation and a new full-screen mode.

The customised version of the 10600, produced in close cooperation with BSkyB, has two horizontal lines in the program meter display at -10 dBFS and -18 dBFS. These lines represent two key thresholds for Sky and enable the user to see clearly when they are exceeded. The loudness meter’s colour scheme is also customised to BSkyB’s television requirements. Another modification is the special integration time of 10 ms for the PPM display and peak hold function. The BSkyB TV monitor systems, like all the other systems of this type, have the new ITU-conforming loudness display and full-screen mode. A software update is available to enable both of these functions in all previously supplied 10600 units.

About SurroundMonitor 10600

RTW’s SurroundMonitor 10600 is a six-channel unit for the visualisation of digital audio signals. It provides a comprehensive range of display options for both stereo and 5.1 surround signals at an attractive price. It has three AES3 signal inputs for seamless integration in fully digital studio environments. An eight-channel peak level and loudness meter; tenfold correlation display; RTA, SPL/LEQ, and dialnorm meter; an informative status monitor; and the new loudness meter as per ITU are combined in a large VGA display. Alternatively, an external VGA screen can be connected to the unit. The RTW Surround Sound Analyzer incorporates trendsetting analysis technology, delivering a very precise graphical representation and a clear overview of the surround audio signals.

More information on this and all other RTW products is available at or by phone at +49 221 709130.

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About British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB)

BSkyB is the U.K.’s leading entertainment and communications company and operates the most comprehensive multi-channel television service in the U.K. and Ireland. Around 21 million viewers in 8.9 million households enjoy an unprecedented choice of movies, news, entertainment, and sports channels and interactive services on Sky Digital.

BSkyB’s aim is to offer customers unparalleled choice in content that best serves the demands of today’s viewers. In delivering entertainment through the TV, PC, and mobile, the company gives customers more control and flexibility over what they watch, and how they watch it. Over 3.4 million customers use Sky+, BSkyB’s digital video recorder, to record and store their favourite programmes to watch when they want. In May 2006, BSkyB evolved the television viewing experience yet further with the launch of the high-definition television service, Sky HD.

In addition to its digital television service, BSkyB also provides the U.K.’s largest 3G mobile TV service (Sky Mobile TV) and an on-demand broadband download service (Sky Player). In July 2006, Sky launched Sky Broadband and Sky Talk, providing great-value broadband Internet access and home telephony for the BSkyB customer.

About Audio & Design Reading Ltd.

Audio & Design Reading Ltd is a leading consultant and systems installer for the broadcast IT market. Recent successes include the installation and servicing of the BBC World Service multi-terabyte archive installation using SAN (storage area network) technology. The company is widely recognised for its dedication to high-quality manufacture of grade 1 video, SDI and AES digital clock reference generators, sample rate converters, digital audio distribution and management modules, desktop digital mixers, and digital mic amps. Audio & Design also supply many of the major broadcast stations with transmitter level control equipment such as DBL1 voice over digital limiter/compressors, as well as automated post-production digital audio management equipment. The company is based in Reading, U.K. Further information is available at

About RTW

RTW has more than 30 years of experience in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of advanced sound studio technology. The company's main products include peak meters and audio vectorscopes that are used all over the world in sound studios, radio stations, and TV broadcasting centers. The current product portfolio includes multi-channel integrated surround sound visualisation systems with TFT displays based on the unique and pioneering Surround Sound Analyzer. In June 2008, RTW was certified to the ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard. RTW is based in Cologne, Germany. Further information is available at

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