Burbank, CA … Housed at the famous Capitol Records building in Los Angeles, Capitol Studios is home to great recordings from iconic artists such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Nat King Cole, along with leading contemporary artists including Diana Krall and Green Day. Capitol is also the scoring facility for hit TV shows such as "Lost" and “American Idol” as well as hosting the pre-records for the annual Academy Awards ceremonies. Capitol is the crème de la crème of recording studios, and this full service facility handles everything from tracking, scoring, and stereo/surround sound mixing. The engineers and others who work here are the best in the business and they demand the world’s finest equipment. So it comes as no surprise that Royer Labs microphones are housed here—and their expansive mic locker just got bigger with the addition of four new Royer R-122V Vacuum Tube Ribbon microphones.

According to Greg Parkin, Senior Director of Operations for Capitol Studios & Mastering, who oversees the management team and is in charge of equipment procurement, facilities, and staff, “We’ve had a long standing relationship with Royer Labs, and this is a relationship we are proud to be a part of. Many of the leading engineers in our industry, such as Al Schmitt, have been utilizing Royer microphones for years. We’ve also been involved in the testing of Royer’s prototype microphones. Our engineering staff regularly uses Royer microphones in their work, and when the opportunity to acquire additional Royer mics arose, they overwhelmingly requested the R-122V’s.”

Staff engineer Steve Genewick, who frequently assists multiple Grammy Award winning recording engineer / producer Al Schmitt, discussed the reason Royer microphones are so popular. “Being ribbon microphones, the Royers tend to add warmth to digital recordings, so they compliment the recording process very nicely,” explained Genewick. “We make every attempt to get the best sound possible on input, and the Royers are a big part of that process. Every Royer mic here at Capitol sounds spectacular. Like our other microphones, the new R-122V’s will be accessible to all our clients in all rooms. We’ve been using Royer mics for years and our clients really love them. We use these mics for a wide range of applications, including miking electric, jazz, and acoustic guitars, as room mics for strings, as spot mics for woodwinds, on brass sections in big band sessions, and countless additional applications.”

When queried how the new R-122V’s are working out, Genewick offered this upbeat assessment. “They’re working out great,” said Genewick. “I just used them on some pre-record materials for the upcoming Rose Parade, and I also used them on a big band session on the trombones. They’re terrific.”

John Jennings, Royer Labs’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, commented on Capitol’s recent expansion of their Royer microphones collection. “Our friends at Capitol Studios have treated us wonderfully over the years and we’re grateful for the association,” said Jennings. “They already have a substantial number of Royer and RCA ribbons in their mic closet, so we’re proud to see them adding these four R-122V’s to their collection."

Al Schmitt, who is nominated twice this year for the Best Engineered Non-Classical Grammy, commented on the latest Royer additions to the Capitol mic locker. "Ribbon mics are essential in today's digital recording environment" said Schmitt. "I've tried them all, and Royers are the ribbons I always end up using. I own pair of R-122V’s, which are very special microphones that seem to add another dimension to the recording process. I’m glad Capitol will have more of them on hand, and I know they will be very well received by everyone who uses them."

About the Royer Labs R-122V

The R-122V takes the Royer-pioneered concept of active ribbon microphone technology to an unprecedented level by incorporating vacuum tube electronics into the same proven transducer system used in the venerable R-121 and R-122 ribbon microphones. The high operating voltage of the vacuum tube provides a headroom capability far beyond that capable from a standard phantom power supply. In real-world use, this translates into unmatched clarity, detail, and airiness.

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About Royer Labs

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