Blackmagic Design Announces ATEM Studio Converter

Quad rack mount optical fiber SDI converter with built in talkback for live production!

IBC 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - September 9, 2011 - Blackmagic Design today announced ATEM Studio Converter, a new rack mount quad independent bi directional optical fiber SDI converter with built in talkback for only €1395.

ATEM Studio Converter will be demonstrated on the Blackmagic Design IBC 2011 booth at #7.H20.

ATEM Studio Converter is perfect for live production because it includes 4 independent optical fiber converters in a one rack unit size chassis, combined with built in talkback. Broadcast and post production users can install ATEM Studio Converter as a regular optical fiber SDI converter, and each of the 4 optical fiber converters are totally independent of each other, and bi directional.

ATEM Studio Converter also includes extra features for use with Blackmagic Design’s new ATEM Camera Converter. These features include built in talkback, and the front of ATEM Studio Converter includes standard microphone and headphone PC style headset connections, so when a headset is plugged in, the talkback is able to communicate down each of the 4 optical fiber links to connected ATEM Camera Converters with the camera operators. This means each ATEM Studio Converter can allow a director to talk to 4 camera operators.

If more than 4 cameras are required, then ATEM Studio Converter also includes standard BNC unbalanced AES/EBU talkback loops that can be looped to other ATEM Studio Converters to allow 4 additional cameras per unit. This means a director can talk to a massive number of camera operators for the largest live production.

ATEM Studio Converter also includes both HDMI and SD/HD-SDI outputs converted from the optical fiber input, so the feed from the video camera can be connected to either HDMI or SDI connections on production switchers such as the ATEM range, or the HDMI output could be used for local monitoring.

ATEM Studio Converter also includes an AES/EBU audio output, de-embedded from each optical fiber input, so the embedded audio from cameras can be sent direct to audio mixers so camera audio can be easily used without the extra cost of audio de-embedders.

When running program feeds to each camera, ATEM Studio Converter also includes a global SDI input that feeds the optical fiber outputs on each converter. If any of the individual SDI inputs is plugged in, then this overrides the global program feed, so the specific converter can be used separately. However, if the user wants to send the same signal to all optical fiber connected cameras, then this global SDI input allows a single connection to feed all optical outputs if required. This input is loop though, so it’s easy to loop this global feed to other ATEM Studio Converters.

“I am really excited about this product, because we built the ATEM Camera Converter to have all the conversion, talkback, tally, and battery you need on your camera so you can get close to the action, up to 25 kilometers away from the production switcher, however we also needed something at the studio end to manage all these cameras coming in, and to allow talkback between multiple cameras,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “ATEM Studio Converter is perfect for this use, if you are just using a few cameras, or using dozens of cameras, as it loops to other units to just keep growing! It’s all very exciting!”

ATEM Studio Converter Key Features

4 bi directional optical fiber SDI converters.

Optical fiber converters to both SDI and HDMI outputs, with de embedded AES/EBU audio out.

Global SDI input for sending to all optical outputs, or separate SDI inputs per converter.

Microphone and headphone connections on front for PC style headsets.

Built in talkback includes AES/EBU loops on rear for expanding to extra ATEM Studio Converters.

Compact 1 rack unit size perfect for portable use.

Fully compatible with ATEM Camera Converters.

Connect cameras via optical fiber up to 25 km away.

Availability and Price

ATEM Studio Converter will be available in October for €1395 from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.

Press Photography

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