Nigeria's Silverbird Uses Volicon Observer® to Verify Aired Spots and Steady Ad Revenues

BURLINGTON, Mass. -- July 18, 2007 -- Volicon, a leading provider of media monitoring, recording, archiving, and streaming solutions, today announced that Silverbird Communications, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is using the Observer® multichannel media monitoring system to log the daily broadcasts of its television channel. The Observer system provides Silverbird with an efficient means by which to verify compliance with advertising contracts and provide immediate and conclusive proof of aired spots.

"The Observer allows us to track our daily broadcasts and supply our advertising clients with clear proof that we've met the conditions of their media purchase orders," said Odio Abiobele, head of the IT Department at Silverbird Communications. "Easy access to recorded clips allows us to build trust with our advertisers and maintain an uninterrupted revenue stream from the airing of ad spots. We're also able to use the content recorded by the Observer to keep an up-to-date archive of our broadcasts and enhance new broadcasts with the addition of archived clips."

Volicon's award-winning Observer streamlines monitoring workflows in TV station marketing and operations departments, providing robust search capabilities along with quality control monitoring, ad verification and video affidavit, and centralized monitoring and viewing. The Observer gives users at Silverbird simultaneous access to live and archived content from the desktop using a Microsoft Internet Explorer®-compatible interface. Users can log broadcasts being continually recorded by the Observer system and later retrieve and analyze video clips, locally or remotely.

The Observer's ad verification and video affidavit functionality provides access to transmitted ads and supplies proof of airing. The system can automatically import as-run logs and allow operators to find and review ads and aired content via a Web-based interface. Clip lists featuring specific aired content can be exported to customers for quick confirmation that the contract terms have been met. With immediate proof that a spot has been aired, broadcasters such as Silverbird see collection times go down and revenues go up.

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About Silverbird Communications

Part of the Silverbird Group, Silverbird Communications operates an entertainment channel that provides a variety of broadcast television content. From its facilities in Lagos, Nigeria, Silverbird offers programs ranging from daily flagship entertainment news, live shows, documentaries, soaps, and feature films to sports and sitcoms. More information is available at

About Volicon

Volicon develops and markets turnkey digital video archiving and streaming solutions, including the award-winning Observer® multichannel video monitoring and logging system, for the television broadcast and telecommunications industries, cable programmers, cable MSOs, and corporate and government markets. Volicon's proprietary video processing system, comprised of a video encoder and streaming engine, gives a large number of users simultaneous access to multiple channels of video content over a network. More information is available at