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Vector 3 Enhances Integration with XenData Archiving Solutions


All-in-one VectorBox and New Vector MultiPlay product lines add even more control to automated content distribution

Barcelona, Spain – December 22, 2009 – Vector 3™, a pioneer in graphics and playout solutions, announced an advanced level of integration with XenData archiving systems. Vector 3’s flexible administration now supports the automation of content to and from XenData archive systems whether Vector is ingesting content directly to the archive, staging it for playout, or migrating files for offline storage. The new capabilities provide an accelerated content distribution workflow, critical for news and sports production environments.

“XenData technology is a multi-purpose archive solution. Our systems can be configured to simultaneously support multiple workflows, including production, playout and backup. Vector connecting deeper into the XenData systems means that content utilized by multiple groups will become more readily available to the distribution chain,” said Dr. Philip Storey, CEO, XenData.

The VectorBox product line offers exceptional standard and high definition playout performance with 24/7 reliability. Known as the all-in-one server, VectorBox products include automation with a built-in video server and CG to offer broadcasters a robust solution that supports multi-channel, multi-format playout. The new Vector MultiPlay solution offers the same level of performance and reliability with added smart redundancy management capabilities for multi-channel facilities.

“Archives are the heart of the broadcast operation. Playout automation systems like Vector 3 must recognize these content warehouses as part of the workflow and not as isolated systems,” comments Roman Ceano, General Manager, Vector 3. “XenData uses an advanced model for media file archiving, which is ideal for integration with Vector 3 architecture. Our respective customers will benefit from much faster file migrations and simplified content management.”

XenData Archive Series software runs on a Windows server and manages one or more robotic LTO tape libraries and RAID to create a highly scalable digital archive. Files are archived by writing to the archive file system, which is presented as a standard network share. Administrator defined policies determine where the files are stored; on RAID, data tape, or both. Archived files are written to LTO tape using the standard POSIX tar format, meaning that in addition to using XenData software, files may be restored using a wide range of Linux and UNIX operating systems.

About XenData

XenData is a leading developer of digital video archiving software tailored specifically to serve the media and entertainment industry. XenData’s solution provides the high-performance and functionality required to meet today and tomorrow’s demanding digital video applications. XenData software is built on industry standards, providing a standard file system interface and archiving to LTO data tape using the POSIX tar format. TV stations, media service providers, postproduction organizations and global broadcasters using the XenData standards based approach are able to benefit from significant cost-savings, ease of integration with other standards-based systems as well as long-term assured access to their video files. With over 275 digital video archive installations worldwide, XenData is trusted by some of the largest broadcasters and networks including the BBC, Televisa, Warner Brothers and the UK’s Channel Four. For more information visit:

About Vector 3

The Vector 3 team commands over 25 years of experience in developing leading graphics and playout solutions for broadcast. Boasting an impressive client list of over 900 broadcasters worldwide, their legendary flagship solution VectorBox is a world-renowned playout solution known for its unparallel reliability, tremendous scalability and outstanding performance.

Since its launch in the mid 1980’s, Vector has focused its research and development on the broadcast industry. Their exceptional real-time graphics and total playout solutions ensure master control room systems work in concert and with maximum flexibility. The result is a perfectly timed playout with stunning image quality and station branding.

The range of Vector solutions and applications serves stations from the small one channel station to the multi-site, multi-channel broadcaster. For more information, please visit