Triveni Digital Inc. BroadcastAsia2010 Preview

BroadcastAsia2010 Preview

Triveni Digital Inc.

On Magna Systems Stand 7D2-01/I

Company Background

Triveni Digital Inc., a subsidiary of LG Electronics, is the market-leading provider of systems for enabling enhanced digital television services and digital television service quality assurance solutions. Triveni Digital's products for DVB SI, stream analysis and monitoring, ATSC PSIP/mobile DTV ESG, and data broadcasting are renowned for their ease of use and innovative features. Working with leading industry partners, Triveni Digital employs an open and standards-compliant approach to the digital television market. More information is available at

Triveni Digital at BroadcastAsia2010

At BroadcastAsia2010, Triveni Digital will debut the Asia/Pacific software release for its StreamScope(R) RM-40, along with its GuideBuilder(R) DVB SI system. The company will also showcase the StreamScope MT-40LCP, a low-cost version of the company's award-winning StreamScope MT-40 analyzer.

Further, Ralph Bachofen, Triveni Digital's vice president of sales and head of marketing, will present at the BroadcastAsia conference on "The Role of Test and Measurement in Digital Television Delivery," scheduled for June 16 at 2:30 p.m. in the Marquise Room. Bachofen's presentation will explore how integration of MPEG monitors and analyzers into the initial DTV infrastructure design can offer service providers a better understanding of the MPEG transport stream environment, simplify the management of stream data, and minimize unnecessary churn.

New Products From Triveni Digital at BroadcastAsia2010

StreamScope(R) RM-40 2.0 Software Release

Triveni Digital will showcase the new StreamScope(R) RM-40 2.0 software release -- shown for the first time at BroadcastAsia2010.

The Triveni Digital StreamScope RM-40 is a full featured, comprehensive, 24/7 unattended remote monitoring instrument that monitors real-time DTV streams for the broadcast and broadband industries. The RM-40 platform also offers the industry's most sophisticated digital video troubleshooting tools to support efficient problem isolation and repair. Further, the RM-40 product family is fully scalable, from low-cost rack-mounted options to the high-end "eRM" embedded StreamScope application available from Juniper Networks. The RM-40 remotely monitors, measures, records, and analyzes DTV streams to ensure their integrity, reliability, and compliance with standards and customer-defined targets. The streams can be monitored from any SNMP agent in the network, and alarms can be distributed via e-mail, SMS, or SNMP traps.

Other RM-40 competitive advantages are built upon Triveni Digital's unique stream profiling technology. The RM-40 provides sophisticated, full-featured post-mortem analysis, and the "Automated Stream Comparison" feature allows checking and reporting for expected relationships between two digital video streams. In addition, "Automatic Change Detection" provides a sophisticated tool for easy configuration and advanced troubleshooting.

The latest software release for the StreamScope RM-40 product family introduces several new features designed to minimize operating costs for broadcast and cable operators while addressing key issues in the delivery of a quality viewing experience. The enhancements include:

- Live Services Monitor

The StreamScope RM-40 platform's new Live Services Monitor and thumbnail views of the real-time stream being monitored allow operators to confirm with a quick glance that video is present and can be utilized as confidence monitoring.

- Enhanced Rules Set

Automatic transport-type detection allows rule clusters to be applied based on transport type (MPEG-only, DVB-SI, etc.). Enhanced reporting on stream status, such as a change to the encryption state or failure of anticipated messages to arrive, results in the system immediately alerting the operator. The StreamScope RM-40 2.0 software release supports decoding of Active Format Description (AFD) data to indicate the proper aspect ratio conversions between formats. These extensive real-time monitoring and alert capabilities are valuable in DTV carriage auditing and in maintaining service level agreements.

- Automated Stream Comparison

When digital broadcast signals are cross-carried into other infrastructures as part of carriage agreements, the convenient Automated Stream Comparison feature of the StreamScope RM-40 platform quickly provides the information needed to ensure that signal quality, services, and components are in line with business or contractual agreements. By automating this process, the StreamScope RM-40 facilitates straightforward DTV carriage auditing and, in turn, faster resolution of impairments to the signals ultimately delivered to the viewer.


GuideBuilder(R) DVB SI Generator

At BroadcastAsia2010, Triveni Digital will also showcase the GuideBuilder(R) DVB SI solution that generates accurate DVB System Information (SI) metadata and provides an intuitive interface for managing program event information. GuideBuilder can import program data from many different sources including listing services and traffic systems, automation systems, and SI data from off-air/live signals. Local or customized data can also be entered manually into the system. GuideBuilder subsequently sends the DVB-SI data to the multiplexer, allowing the creation of a digital television transport stream compliant with DVB digital television standards


StreamScope(R) MT-40LCP Analyzer

Triveni Digital will also showcase the StreamScope(R) MT-40LCP, which is a low-cost version of the company's award-winning StreamScope MT-40 analyzer, a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for real-time analysis and verification of DTV transport streams. The MT-40LCP facilitates end-to-end MPEG-2/MPEG-4 transport stream monitoring and analysis for DTV signals carried by cable, telco, broadcast, satellite, IPTV, or mobile networks.

The low-cost model of the MT-40 features two slots that enable broadcasters to select two input types best suited for their operation. The product also features a significantly reduced size and weight, as well as a battery option, offering ultimate flexibility for field use.

The MT-40LCP supports options for RF, SMPTE 310, ASI, QPSK, and file inputs, as well as Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) for non-real-time PCR analyses. With in-depth troubleshooting and analysis capabilities for multiple signals over all commonly encountered physical layers including deep packet inspection, the MT-40LCP can monitor, alarm, troubleshoot, record, and measure DTV transport streams to ensure their integrity, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. Support for DVB-T, DVB-C, and DVB-S guarantees compliance with DVB standards across the entire distribution or transmission chain.