Wohler Product Preview for HD World 2008

Wohler at HD World 2008

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Company Background:

Since its inception in 1987, Wohler Technologies' video products division, PANORAMAdtv, has been a world leader in providing in-rack audio and video monitoring solutions for the broadcast, motion picture, and professional audio/visual markets. The San Francisco Bay Area-based company offers a comprehensive range of products that simplify analog and digital source monitoring in facilities of all sizes and complexity. More information is available at www.wohler.com.

Wohler at HD World 2008:

Wohler will highlight a range of products that represent state-of-the-art processing and monitoring in compact, convenient designs. These solutions include high-definition audio and video monitoring packs; high-resolution audio-level metering products; intuitive touch screen systems that simplify video monitoring and routing while providing key functional enhancements, such as integrated multichannel communications; and innovative 16-channel DSP-based monitoring products that may be customized with specific audio-processing functionality suited to the unique needs of a broadcaster, whether delivering programming over the air, cable, satellite, or IP network.

Wohler Products at HD World 2008:

Video Products and Solutions

RM LCD Video Monitoring Series

Packed with functionality but priced affordably, Wohler's new RM series of high-definition (HD) monitor packs are ideal for video and audio confidence monitoring in mobile trucks, news and transmission control rooms, and duplication and post-production facilities. Each screen can display eight channels of VU over PPM audio level meters, UMD, safe areas, frame marks, cropping, switchable aspect ratios, and built-in color bars. The RM HD units also provide an active loop-through output for each SDI input. All settings are accessible from front-panel controls and the RM's intuitive on-screen menu. As a fully inclusive solution designed for high-resolution HD imaging, each unit features built-in NTSC and PAL autosensing and accepts two composite video inputs per screen on the same BNC used for HD/SD-SDI.

Additional features include a versatile chassis in which the LCDs may be rotated ±55° in the vertical plane to provide optimum viewing angles. Red/green/yellow tally, as well as the in-screen UMD, can be interfaced to most tally systems.

Product Photo: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/RMSeries.zip

HDMon Family of High Definition Monitors

Wohler's family of high-definition (HD) color video monitor displays, the HDMon series, enables high-quality monitoring of digital HD-SDI, SD-SDI, or DVI signals; analog composite, component, and RGBHV video; and CGI images up to WUXGA resolution. Though the HDMon series is designed primarily for 1080-line HD applications, each monitor provides exceptional noise reduction, motion interpolation, and motion-adaptive processing to ensure crisp, clear display of images, regardless of their native resolution.

Current HDMon models include the HDMon-90, HDMon-90WS, HDMon-170, HDMon-92WS, HDMon-190, and HDMon-260. Whether operating as a desktop monitor or installed in a 19-inch-wide rack, these LCD displays offer HD resolution, a choice of 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios, user-adjustable scaling, and up to 170 degrees of perfect off-axis viewing without the image and color distortions normally associated with LCD displays. A sleek, lightweight design allows HDMon displays to convert from portable to tabletop solutions without requiring additional hardware. Built-in 100Base-T Ethernet and RS232 connections allow the monitors to be configured and controlled remotely via a Windows®-based GUI or by third-party control systems.

Product Photos: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/HDMON.zip

MON Family of High-Resolution Display Monitors

The compact yet flexible design of Wohler's MON high-resolution display monitors is ideal for confidence monitoring of multiple video feeds for mobile trucks, news and transmission control rooms, duplication facilities, and post-production applications. Monitors in the MON family feature from two to eight wide-format LCD panels, situated side by side, each with dedicated recessed controls for contrast and brightness, a native 16:9 aspect ratio, and selection between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios for SD-SDI signals, as well as tally indicators and independent power and input termination switches.

All models automatically detect and accommodate NTSC and PAL video formats. Each LCD is mounted in a cylinder and thus may be rotated approximately ±30 degrees in the vertical plane for optimum operator viewing angles. The monitors' rear panel features SDI inputs and SDI outputs (buffered and equalized) on BNC connectors, with a green LED indicating the lock status of the attached HD/SD-SDI source signal.

Product Photo: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/MON4-2W_HR.zip

Touch-it™ Digital Multichannel Video Monitor

Wohler's Touch-it™ Digital offers unique multichannel video monitoring functionality in a smart, affordable design. The 3RU system features dual seven-inch high-resolution color LCD displays. The left monitor is a touch screen that displays from four to 16 thumbnail images. When one of these images is touched, that video source appears on the right monitor at full size. The video source's HD/SD-SDI source signal is then sent to an unbalanced output and to a VGA output for monitoring on an external display. Touch-it Digital accepts and switches up to 16 HD/SD-SDI video inputs, passing along any embedded audio. When combined with a Wohler openGear™ frame with closed captioning and logo keyer cards, the Touch-it Digital serves as an elegant and cost-effective master control system.

Product Photo: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/Touch-itDigital.zip

Audio Products and Solutions

AMP2-16MSDI 16-Channel Audio Monitor

The new AMP2-16MSDI provides instantaneous display for up to 16-channels of embedded audio within a single multirate HD/SD-SDI signal. Built on a fully digital system architecture featuring multiple high-fidelity class-D amplifiers, the AMP2-16MSDI provides unsurpassed near-field monitoring for any mix of stereo and mono sources in a compact 2RU design. The monitor includes demuxed outputs of eight AES pairs on unbalanced 75-ohm BNC connectors and also provides a reclocked loop output of the SDI signal. The monitor's high-resolution LCD display boasts colorful 210-segment high-resolution bar graph level meters. Colors and settings for scale and range are user-selectable along with several predefined scales and ballistics including AES, BBC, and Nordic. Each displayed meter set clearly indicates the phase for stereo sources prior to output on the speakers. The AMP2-16MSDI audio monitor also addresses key issues in DTV audio delivery, providing measurement of program loudness in adherence with ITU-1770/1771, which is displayed prominently on the unit's LCD status screen.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/AMP2-16MSDI.zip

Digital AMP Series Monitoring Systems

Wohler's digital AMP monitoring systems offer premium-quality sound and professional level metering in a compact package. Wohler's HD World 2008 booth will showcase the AMP2-S8MDA audio monitoring system, which provides eight-channel analog, AES/EBU, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI digital multichannel audio monitoring and conversion, as well as professional level metering in a compact 2RU cabinet.

Wohler also will feature the AMP2-E8MDA multi-format audio monitor, which processes and monitors up to eight channels from a Dolby® E or AC-3 (Dolby Digital) bit stream, an HD-SDI or SD-SDI bit stream, two sets of four AES/EBU signal pairs (balanced and unbalanced), or eight balanced analog channels. Close cooperation with Dolby® Laboratories ensures that these products meet high standards for the monitoring of both Dolby E distribution and Dolby Digital emission coding systems. Users of these AMP systems can switch seamlessly between encoded or discretely embedded sources, in addition to providing a simultaneous demuxed output of the multichannel source.

Both systems feature eight high-resolution, 53-segment tricolor LED bar graph audio-level meters to enable instant and accurate level monitoring at a glance. The unique acoustic design of these AMP2 units provides optimally focused sound in an ultra-near-field environment, which gives the operator a higher sound pressure level while reducing overall ambient sound and adjacent bay crosstalk.

Product Photo: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/AMP2-E8MDA.zip

Other Products and Solutions:

LM Series Audio-Level Metering Units

At HD World 2008, Wohler will feature two of its LM Series audio-level metering units, the LM26HR-8 eight-channel, 26-segment level meter and the ultra-high-resolution LM106-6/AC-3 six-channel, 106-segment level meter, the latter providing an industry-leading dynamic range up to 70dB in increments as small as 1/2dB across mid-scale. Each LM Series analog metering unit features input connector impedances of 27 K ohm, balanced, which may be adjusted for reference-level gain via a rear-panel DIP switch. Input impedances for digital metering units are 110 ohm, balanced, for XLR and Phoenix connectors and 75 ohm, unbalanced, for BNC connectors. The LM Series' standard display mode is set as a single-segment PPM dot above a VU bar; each segment's color is fixed according to its position on the scale. Wohler's unique tricolor LED design enables a virtually unlimited variety of metering options including phase correlation, peak hold, loudness, sum and difference, and alternate scales and color mappings.

Product Photo: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/LM53_24.zip

Touch-Comm Communication Station

Wohler's Touch-Comm communication station is a touch screen solution that combines 12-source monitoring and routing capability with support for multichannel intercommunication among Touch-Comm users, regardless of their geographic location. The latest addition to Wohler's Touch-it™ line of touch screen video monitoring solutions, the Touch-Comm unit consists of two touch screen control panels. The left touch panel displays up to 12 thumbnail video images. A simple touch to a thumbnail will route that source to an external monitor for enhanced viewing. The right touch screen is the communication control panel of an IP-based matrix intercom system that facilitates non-blocking, multichannel intercommunication. Touch-Comm is dynamically configurable for any mixture of point-to-point calls, group conferences, and party lines, providing simple operation with minimal distraction in a wide range of surveillance, public service, video production, and emergency command environments.

Product Photo: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/Touch-Comm.zip

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