NEW YORK, NY – SSL DV, Inc., a Solid State Logic Company, will demonstrate the Gravity Media Asset Management system at Content & Communications World (CCW) 2010 (Booth 1155). Beyond simple archiving and retrieval, the Gravity Media Asset Management system offers a wide range of features and options allowing users to efficiently ingest any type of media, edit on the fly, link to external craft editing platforms and deliver multiple formats for distribution. Some of these features on display at CCW will include Gravity Cloud Computing capabilities, the Gravity Package Production Tool (PPT) and Gravity Asset Manager.

“Gravity is a powerful and elegant solution for any agency looking to tame the exploding world of information ingest, processing and distribution,” says Joe Walsh, vice president of sales for SSL DV. “We live in a fast-paced world of media exchange including everything from bandwidth-gobbling HD video, SD video and cell phone video to other forms of digital media. The sheer volume of information available for any application presents a communications and processing challenge here to fore not seen in the industry. Managing a particular mix of ingested media for collation, edit, production, archive and distribution is what Gravity does exceedingly well and that is why broadcasters and content creators around the world are implementing the system within their workflow.”

Gravity is the system of choice for such time-sensitive applications as late-breaking news and live or live-to-tape productions that need immediate distribution. It was designed from the ground up to be file format- and codec-independent. With the capability of simultaneously producing multiple formats and resolutions within a single ingest process, Gravity enables editors to work on a low-resolution proxy file during the ingest stage for near-live content distribution. At the same time, it can create multiple video output formats without the need for rendering. All content ingested into Gravity, regardless of resolution, is simultaneously accessible for browsing, logging, monitoring, searching and editing on the same timeline, with the user-specified output automatically determining the conversion requirements. Depending on the user’s needs, aspect formats can also be automatically converted, allowing users to work in a format-transparent environment, with the freedom to use all content easily and quickly.

The Gravity system is scalable, allowing a varying combination of user workstations, encoders, storage, transcoders, decoders, and servers, with the ability to expand the system at any time. These components can reside either locally, or be distributed in remote locations around the world. The user may specify any number of levels and hierarchy of access security for the entire system. Because Gravity can be configured to eliminate any single point of failure, it can automatically and seamlessly switch to back-up mode without interruption.

Now with the introduction of Gravity Cloud Computing capabilities as IBC, users can now have all the power of Gravity as an Internet-accessible software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription. This means that the end user no longer needs expertise in or control over the software and hardware of the typical Gravity system. As the service is entirely browser-based, SSL DV is responsible for all feature updates and compatibility issues. The Gravity Cloud Computing service is fully scalable, even beyond the initial service level agreement. Service includes user-defined access to the different software features of a Gravity system and includes remote storage and retrieval systems commensurate with client needs.

An integral component of the powerful Gravity Media Asset Management system is the Gravity Package Production Tool (PPT), which delivers an intuitive and familiar interface with strong editing functions to make edit operations easy for fast-paced media distribution. PPT can seamlessly hand off material to external craft editing platforms, such as Final Cut Pro, for additional post production work or transfer to distribution or archive systems. It also offers Voice-Over, which allows for an additional audio track for spot voice-overs, Audio Waveform, which displays audio data in the familiar screen format, the Motion Mosaic effect, which disguises faces or objects with capability of moving with the target face or object.

The Gravity Asset Manager offers users overview and control of the entire Gravity system. Key features include a main user interface providing three main activity areas, a Content Browser that allows users to locate and store content on servers across the entire network. The Media Player that enables viewing, marking and job assignment. A Workflow pane that displays and enables editing of individual clip metadata. And finally, the Media Info pane which is the hub of workflow control; where individual encodes and stories can be assigned for further activity and the ongoing workflow’s progress can be monitored. The Asset Manager also provides remote control of encoding, decoding, transcoding, sequencing and system monitoring.

SSL DV, Inc., a Solid State Logic Company offers comprehensive advanced turnkey Gravity Digital Asset Management and rapid media production systems serving the entertainment, broadcast, education, corporate and government markets. Systems can be configured for small workgroups up to multi-location enterprise systems. For more information on our products or services please visit us on the Web at: