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Anton/Bauer Power from Mini to Cine.

Anton/Bauer, the Worldwide Standard® in portable video power, extended its product range at the IBC 2007 exhibition in Amsterdam with innovative new power solutions from handheld HDV cameras to all new digital cinema cameras.

Handheld camera operators have enthusiastically received Anton/Bauer‘s patent-pending and economical ElipZ system - battery, light and flexible grip. Introduced in 2006, ElipZ recently successfully powered the handheld Panasonic P2 cameras used by the video team capturing the entire 1500 mile Iditarod dog sled race under the most challenging conditions.

The ElipZ design approach dramatically improves the ergonomics of handheld cameras as well as operating times and performance. With a rule-breaking under-the-camera quick release design, the ElipZ 10k battery weighs only 20 ounces yet provides up to 10 hours of runtime for a typical DV/HDV handheld camera. The ElightZ, weighing merely 6 ounces, delivers efficient fill light without adding weight to the top of the camera and a new accessory wide-angle lens doubles the beam spread. The EgripZ handheld support flexes into an endless array of positions enhancing camera handling without unecessary weight or tethering the camera with cumbersome belts, tubes or braces.

Accessories - from audio receivers to hard drives to monitors - can now be mounted securely and accessibly to space-limited handheld cameras. The new HubZ is a 4 oz. polycarbonate base that mounts directly to the camera base (or the ElipZ battery base) through the standard 1/4-20 screw threads. Formable arms (SpokeZ) secure easily to the HubZ to support the accessory device which can be mounted in any number of positions. HubZ can then be mounted on a tripod through its 1/4-20 thread mount.

For the high power demands of “Digital Cinema”, Anton/Bauer leveraged its experience in developing the exclusive power system for the Panavision Genesis Digital Camera, into its new CINE-VCLX - a multi-purpose 560 watt hour power source for digital cine cameras such as the new Sony F-23 CineAlta.

CINE-VCLX has 2 regulated 28v outputs (3-pin XLR) and a 14 volt output (4-pin XLR) which can be used simultaneously and without switches. The CINE-VCLX will power virtually all film cameras including most models from Arriflex, Panavision and Aaton and fits all dollies - including Chapman-Leonard and J.L. Fisher. CINE-VCLX features an Anton/Bauer RealTime™ display for accurate remaining runtime indication.

The simultaneous 28 volt outputs provide the ability to operate 2 film cameras or a film camera with a Preston lens control system from a single VCLX. High rate NiMH cell chemistry provides up to 10 amps from the 28 volt channel and 20 amps from the 14 volt channel. With its high drain high capability and precision voltage regulation, CINE VCLX prevents voltage drops thereby eliminating start-up problems for high speed cameras such as the Arri 435.

A specialized CINE-VCLX-CA version, for use with the Sony F-23 Cine Alta camera, supplies both 28 and 14 volts on a single cable, via an 8-pin Lemo connector and along with a single 28 volt 3-pin and a 14 volt 4-pin XLR.

A companion wide range mains input charger (100-240VAC) cuts typical charge time of less capable “film block” batteries by half - to a mere 6-1/2 hours.