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ScheduALL SMPTE 09 Australia Show Preview

ScheduALL SMPTE 09 Australia Show Preview

TechTel - Stand G35

ScheduALL Contact:

Lisette Reed

Tel: +1 (954) 334 5406



Agency Contact:

David Netz

Wall Street Communications

Tel: +1 (303) 329-0359


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Company Overview:

ScheduALL is the leading global provider of Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) products for the broadcast, satellite/transmission, and media industries. As a market leader with a 20-year track record of success and more than 1,200 clients worldwide, ScheduALL is recognized as the industry standard for operational management solutions.

ScheduALL delivers comprehensive workflow and resource management solutions that enable clients to optimize personnel, resource, and bandwidth utilization in a way that translates directly into increased productivity and ROI. ScheduALL's modular approach and scalable products provide a collaborative platform for users across multiple environments.

ScheduALL's latest innovative technologies extend the scalability of its core products to provide even greater granularity, interoperability, and collaboration. As organizations streamline their businesses and drive toward greater efficiencies in the areas of content creation, management, and distribution, ScheduALL is the clear choice to address this market need.

Products to Be Showcased at the SMPTE 09 Show:


ScheduALL will showcase added functionality of its scheduling tool sets with a new "process-based" scheduling component. This powerful new tool provides the granularity of task-based scheduling, faster work order/process creation via reusable drag-and-drop templates, and enhanced forecasting, budgeting, and reporting within the project workflow spectrum. By leveraging this new technology, users gain a greater degree of visibility across the enterprise, while reducing overhead in the creation of project workflows. Collectively, these capabilities promote greater efficiencies and increased profitability.

ScheduALL ERM Appliance

The Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) appliance from ScheduALL delivers resource sharing across facilities that may be geographically dispersed and allows organizations to identify, allocate, and execute more projects more profitably. Resources can be shared on a one-to-one basis with dedicated business units or made available to the entire corporate network to drive utilization, operational efficiencies, and profits. The ERM Appliance will also help businesses consolidate financials, resource planning, and reporting across the enterprise and create extensibility of process functionality.

ScheduALL Interoperability

ScheduALL is leveraging its open architecture to enhance interoperability with legacy and custom applications. ScheduALL has partnered with industry leaders such as Grass Valley(TM)-Ingest, Tektronix-QC, Pro Consultants-Air Management, and ND SatCom-SNG. To provide even greater communication and management within workflow automation, ScheduALL is also working with vendor technologies such as Media Hub from IBM, SMPTE's Broadcast eXchange Format (BXF), and the Interactive Media Manager (IMM) from Microsoft(R).

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ScheduALL clients include BBC, FOX News Network, The Associated Press, GlobeCast Australia, IntelSat, Turner Studios, Digital Post, Mediaset, CBC, ABC Australia, RTL, and SES AMERICOM-NEW SKIES.

More information about ScheduALL and its robust software solutions is available online at