Award Winning REVOLUTIONARY Miniature QUAD-SPLIT that packs a punch!

Redbyte Design’s DECIMATOR-QUAD received a prestigious Broadcast Engineering Pick Hit award at NAB 2009. Selected by independent judges who toured NAB over three days, based on criteria including technical improvements the DECIMATOR-QUAD can bring to a facility’s operation, Redbyte is proud to receive this recognition.

The unit delivers an astonishing Quad-Split that handles any 3G/HD/SD-SDI input format and frame rate in each of the four independent quadrants! Featuring a linked SD-SDI and composite (PAL or NTSC) output. It’s extremely low cost and the ability to be fed from more than one DECIMATOR-QUAD unit to achieve as many displays as needed on one monitor, makes this a ‘must see’ product.

Greg Wright, Managing Director said, “The philosophy I follow is to deliver quality products that meet the needs of the market both now and for the future.” Following a vision to provide quality and affordable products to professional broadcasters, Redbyte continues to develop more products embracing the latest in broadcast technology.

The generous MSRP of US$1,495 places DECIMATOR-QUAD as a valuable addition to your workflow.

DECIMATOR-QUAD has the flexibility to handle any of your inputs. Want to display one feed with 4:3 at 50Hz and another using 16:9 at 60Hz? No problem for this power packed product! An extensive selection of user controllable functions is available by using the rotary encoder for menu selection. You can have different formats with various frame rates displayed on your SD-SDI or Composite monitor in no time - for easy monitoring.

As a natural feature of the DECIMATOR name, DECIMATOR-QUAD auto detects 26 formats, from all four 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and also allows variable aspect ratios per quadrant. Full screen mode of any one of the inputs is available with the input down-converted to NTSC or PAL. The DECIMATOR-QUAD can also be used as a down-converter with a 4 to 1 input multiplexer. Truly a revolutionary product – that packs a punch.

DECIMATOR-QUAD is available now!

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About Redbyte Design

Redbyte Design is an Australian based company that is dedicated to designing High quality Video Equipment for the Digital Age.

With the industries leading Designers, Redbyte Design are striving to create new and innovative broadcasting equipment that will set the standard for the way in which we view television.

Setting a precedence in high-quality, cost-efficient broadcasting equipment, Redbyte Design prides itself on their ability to design for the Future. Already, Redbyte Design has high-quality digital video equipment being used by some of the world's leading television stations. With a collective of Broadcast Engineers and Redbyte's Design Team, we hope to help bring Digital Television into every home throughout the world.